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Mobileye Shield plus: accident prevention system

25 mayo, 2021
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Designed specifically for large vehicles, the solution Mobileye Shield It has smart vision sensors strategically placed on the outside of the vehicle, including the rear, and interior display modules to alert drivers (visual and acoustic alerts) to the presence of a motorcyclist, a pedestrian or a cyclist in the vehicle. driver’s blind spot.

The accident prevention system offers the following functions that save lives:

Pedestrian and Cyclist Accident Alert (Mobileye PCW)
Frontal Crash Alert (Mobileye FCW)
Lane Departure Warning (Mobileye LDW)
Safety distance monitoring and early warning
Speed ​​Limit Indicator (SLI)

Mobileye Shield + allows you to send alerts to drivers if there is an imminent risk of an accident. Unlike other accident detection systems, this smart solution has a award-winning image recognition software that allows reducing the sending of unnecessary alerts, which can cause desensitization of drivers over time. What’s more can be integrated with most telematics systems to track vehicle utilization and generate reports of all alerts that are issued through the Mobileye system and send them to a fleet management system.

In Spain these systems are beginning to be installed, but in the rest of the world, the main “Smart Cities” (NY, London, Paris, San Francisco, Singapoore, etc.) are implementing these solutions on a large scale with a very positive impact on the safety of their streets.

Mobileye works with the main organizations concerned with citizen safety such as the DGT, PonleFreno, AESLEME, ConBici, etc.

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