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23 mayo, 2021
Gama Qooder 2020

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The Swiss brand continues to grow and Qooder 2020 range will consist of up to 7 models, 4 of them new, and among which stand out the electrical proposals.

It will not be long before we can gradually return to our old routine and, although now we see it far away, in a while we will be circulating again through the thick traffic of the city.

For when that moment arrives, whether we like it or not, here we present the Qooder 2020 range, for those of you who want to renew or debut in the world of motorcycles and scooters.

Qooder 2020 range

Qooder, the 4 wheels


At the moment, the Qooder is the first and only 4-wheel model on the market. Although, as you will see later, he will not be alone soon thanks to the arrival of the eQooder and the xQooder.

The Qooder has 4WD rear wheel drive with mechanical differential and system integral brake on all four wheels.

In addition, it has the hydropneumatic suspension system HTS with electronic lock (Hydraulic Tilting System) that allows the Qooder to simultaneously tilt all its wheels up to 45º and keep them attached to the asphalt.

The Qooder can be driven with the car B license.

eQooder, the most eco


One of the novelties of 2020 will be the eQooder, the four wheel electric with a autonomy of 150 kilometers and a recharge time of less than 6 hours with any standard 220V outlet.

Count with one 45 kW Zero Motorcycles motor with 110 Nm torque and, of course, it also has the Electronic HTS (Hydraulic Tilting System), in addition to reverse gear and regenerative brake.

The eQooder has three driving modes, Eco, Sport and Custom, and will soon be available at dealerships.

xQooder, expanding paths


Seen for the first time at EICMA 2018, the xQooder sports a more extreme design and, being designed for off-road, modifies its ergonomics to suit off-road driving.

Thanks to the arrangement of its seat, handlebars and footrests, you can choose the position according to your needs. In addition, it has a fender at the front to protect the electronic HTS with Multiroad technology on both trains.

QV³, the lightest 3-wheel


The lightest three-wheeler on the market keeps the electronic HTS system (Hydraulic Titlting System) in its renewed version. One of its main characteristics are the wheels with 14 “front and 15” rear rims.

Ride a 350cc and 28.9 hp engine, has integral braking on all three wheels and can be driven with the car B license.

QVe, one of a kind


The QVe, the only one electric tipping three-wheel model market, was one of the novelties presented at EICMA 2019 for this year.

Share the eQooder Zero Motorcycles motor with 34 kW of power and 106 Nm of torque, will have a autonomy of 110 km and will have regenerative brake, reverse gear and three driving modes (Eco, Sport and custom).

How could it be otherwise, it incorporates the electronic HTS ™ system (Hydraulic Tilting System).

Qooder Nuvion, a LUV


The Nuvion will arrive in cities in 2020 to lead a new type of vehicle, the LUV (Light Urban Vehicle).

With a modern and casual look, the new 3 wheels has compact dimensions and weight to achieve a lightness and a power-to-weight ratio similar to 2-wheel scooters.

It has electronic E-HTS ™ system with button lock, to ensure that all three wheels are always flat on the ground, key keyless and technology Start & stop among other details.

It will be available at 3 equipment versions and will be able to behave with the card B.

Qooder Oxygen, the urbanite


The first electric from the Qooder catalog, with a weight 93 kg, is the most urban of all.

It has two removable swap batteries and that allow a quick recharge of less than 6 hours. It should also be noted its 16 inch wheels.

Being a zero emissions vehicle, you have complete freedom to access low emission and restricted areas.

In the brand website You can find all the details and specifications of the different models of the Qooder 2020 range.

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