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Moto Undone, the electric motorcycle that does not want to be seen

25 mayo, 2021
undone la moto invisible 01

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Normally, motorcycles, especially sports motorcycles, are vehicles that tend to attract attention, with spectacular designs, spectacular sound and lively decorations, an object of desire for many …

Joey ruiter He has sought just the opposite effect: to make a motorcycle that goes unnoticed, that is neither heard nor seen. According to Ruiter, his intention it was ‘to create a pure and invisible generic transport’. Ruiter called her ‘Moto Undone’, the motorcycle not made.

025 121129 DSC5337 L

Photo by Matt Gubancsik.

It is not a new motorcycle, far from it (it is from 2011), but we wanted to rescue it because of its extreme curiosity. At the time we included it in our list of Ugly Motorcycles.

A minimum handlebar and the lower part of the wheels is all reference to a motorcycle that it is possible to see, since the bodywork? a rectangular block – split in two for the address – of mirror-polished metal, reflects the surroundings, achieving a mimicry worthy of a chameleon.

moto 001

To achieve this anonymity the electric motor is very quiet. With a 1000W and 48V power, is able to provide a autonomy of 150 km. As a current transport that it is, the Undone has connectivity with smartphones and is capable of sending basic data to the phone, in addition to using GPS.

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