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Motorcycle Maintenance – Pasión Biker

24 mayo, 2021
Mantenimiento de la Moto

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Unlike cars, when a motorcycle is not properly maintained, it can have an accident. That is why motorcycle maintenance is of the utmost importance.

Other important reasons to maintain the motorcycle are: prevention of major damages related to lack of maintenance, improvement in the performance of the motorcycle, reduction of risks for you and third parties, saving on fuel and other additives, among others.

For this reason we will give you all the tips you need for preventive maintenance and regular cleaning of the parts.

Steps for Motorcycle Maintenance

1.- Check coolant levels.

For high-cylinder motorcycles this review is essential, you can consult your motorcycle manual for information on where the antifreeze tank is located exactly. On the other hand, it is important to consider that if the level drops constantly, it is possible that you have a leak and that a more thorough review is necessary. It is important to know that this revision is never done cold with the motorcycle on or hot, this can cause a burn.

2.- Review of the Drag Kit.

Most of the Motorcyclists forget this maintenance, however it is frequent that the motorcycle does not acquire the correct speed or power due to forgetfulness or ignorance of attention to this system. This system consists of a front and rear sprocket, chain and washers.

3.- Check oil levels.

Checking oil levels may be something you’re familiar with, but you don’t just need to check the level. It is important to see the texture, color and smell of this, in case it has a viscous, light or lumpy texture it may be mixing with the gasoline and this has to be repaired. In case the color has a dirty appearance it is important to do an oil change because this indicates that it has lost its qualities.

4.- Change the fuel and air filter.

The recommendation for this change usually comes in the manual of your motorcycle but it is generally advisable to change the filter of both every 10,000 km.

5.- Lubricant of the Guayas.

The lubrication of the accelerator, speedometer, brakes and shock cables are essential for a good operation that is why we recommend that you completely loosen the cables and lubricate them with a syringe and wait for it to drip from the other end.

6.- Check Brakes

If your motorcycle has disc brakes, you should check the fluid level by looking at the tanks, as well as ensuring that the circuit does not have leaks. If it is a drum, it regulates the tension of the cable until the touch and braking are adequate. Exactly the same happens with clutches, both hydraulic and mechanical by cable. In a disc brake you can easily control the wear of the pads, do it regularly so as not to damage the discs.

7.- Tire Pressure

It is important to check tire pressure and tire wear. The wear is noticeable at first glance, in case the tracks are worn like that of a shoe it is important to change the rim, another indicator is that the rim on the side is cracked or has an injury, in this case the urgency is greater as it can burst with heat or heating. You can check your tire pressure in your motorcycle manual.

8.- Lights

The lights are one of the easiest things to change, it just involves changing the bulb. Remember to check the operation of all lights and stops before riding as they are what makes you visible to other vehicles when you drive at night.


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