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24 mayo, 2021
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As we have already commented in some other article, it is not news that women are an active part in the world of motorcycles, we like and are as passionate as men to be part of this rolling culture, perhaps for the same reasons that to men, or maybe for a different one, the point is that we also love motorcycles, we love the feeling of freedom that only a summer afternoon on wheels gives us and the power that comes from being in control of the bike. speed in neutral hands.

Even though there is no such thing as motorcycles for men or women, since all motorcycle brands are manufactured unisex, there are certain models that due to characteristics such as weight, seat height and the height of the motorcycle itself provide greater stability and they are more comfortable for a woman to handle.

That is why we want to share some suggestions for motorcycles for women with passion biker based in the models that seem to us of better handling and control.

Triumph bonneville

From the group of naked is the classic Triumph Bonneville, with a very clean line

Parallel twin engine 865 cc and 68 hp power.

Weight of 225 Kg.

Flat seat a 740 mm Tall.


Harley-Davidson Street 750

If your style is the cruiser motorcycle, the Harley-Davison Street 750 is a good option.

Motor V-Twin from 749 cc called Revolution X.

Weight of 217 Kg.

Extremely low seat.



Of the trail bikes, the BMW G650GS is the smallest, most comfortable, lightest and easy to control.

Single cylinder engine 652 cc and 48 hp power.

weight of 192 Kg.

Seat to one height 800 mm.


Honda CB500F

Honda’s naked CB500F is very compact and comfortable as well as easy to handle

Parallel twin-cylinder engine 471 cc and 47 hp power.

Weight of 190 kg.

Seat to one height of 785 mm.


Kawasaki ninja 300

The Kawasaki Ninja 300 is very powerful even when it is a light and easy-to-use motorcycle.

Parallel twin engine 296 cc and 39 hp power.

Weighs 172 Kg.

TOfeel to 785 mm Tall.


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