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25 mayo, 2021
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The motorcycle industry has not been left out of the different periods of war that have marked our history, we could say that unfortunately motorcycles became very useful instruments and that even serving the army and complying with the requirements that this implied marked its advance. technological. The army of some countries asked and supported several famous and recognized brands that will manufacture some motorcycles for totally military purposes and some of the results were these three motorcycles that were born to fight.

Zündapp KS 750


Zündapp was a famous motorcycle manufacturer German. The house was founded in 1917 in Nuremberg by Fritz Neumayer, by Friedrich Krupp AG and the machinery manufacturer Thiel, under the name of Zünder und Apparatebau GmbH Production lasted until 1984, year of company closure.

During World War II Zündapp focused on motorcycles intended for the Wehrmacht and, in particular, in the model KS 750 sidecar, with drive wheel on the sidecar. Zündapp’s production during World War II was 18,000 copies.

The Zündapp KS 750 was one of the best German motorcycles of the Second War, remaining in production until 1944. After the conflict, the factory released the KS 600, practically a civilized military motorcycle. A short time later he presented an improved version, the KS 601 nicknamed ‘Green Elephant’. This model was the last Zündapp with a boxer engine and was available until 1959.

Norton 16H


The Norton 16H is a designation given to British motorcycles made from 1911 to 1954 with various modifications and refers to a Norton 490cc single cylinder side valve engine with a bore per stroke of 79 x 100mm. The H denotes the home model as opposed to the colonial export model. Norton was the leading supplier of military motorcycles before World War II and one of the leading suppliers of motorcycles to the British Army in that war, with a total of almost 100,000 produced. British Army Nortons were also supplied to Commonwealth forces such as Australia, New Zealand, India, and the Canadian Army.

Harley-Davidson WLA


The Pentagon arrived with William S. Harley asking him to build a 500 cc machine that would suit his needs. William refused and the American army returned; the view towards Indian, but the project did not work, so they made the request again to Harley Davidson who then created the WLA.

The Harley-Davidson WLA is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was produced under the requirements and specifications of the United States Army during World War II. It is based on an existing civilian model, the WL, and is the solo Type 45, so named because of its 45 cubic inch (740 cm3) engine displacement and single-pilot design.

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