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Movements in the front of the motorcycle

22 mayo, 2021
movimientos tren delantero moto 1

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The movements in the front of our motorcycle are very annoying, dangerous and can be due to a lot of causes. These problems do not always depend directly on what happens under the handlebar, because it may also be due to our having a unstable rear axle behavior and this reverberates ahead. We are going to review the possible causes of these movements and lack of precision in the front end of the motorcycle and the possible solutions, some of which and with the right knowledge you can solve at home. If you want to delve into the movements of the front end of the motorcycle and the Shimmy, we recommend that you read this report.

The most frequent cause is usually the poor condition of the tires or that we have an inadequate pressure in the wheels. Remember to check the pressure with cold tires. We know that we have to frequently check the condition of the tires, the pattern and the deformations that may occur because we have not been too careful with them. The front tire does not usually reflect such obvious wear as the rear tire, which we will soon see as it flattens due to the effect of traction when accelerating. The front wears down when we support the bike, especially when braking. Check that it does not have an irregular drawing and that there has not been any break in its internal structure that will cause them to appear slight dents on its surface.

The two tires have to be well mounted, check that the line of the sidewalls is well aligned with the edge of the rim. Of course the front and rear tires must be the same, the same make and model.

Movements in the front of our motorcycle

Do you have the rear wheel well aligned?

Another factor that can be reflected in the movements of the front end of the motorcycle and that we also include in the maintenance of the motorcycle is poor chain tension. Check that the two eccentrics or tensioners are at the same point so that the rear wheel is completely aligned. In the case of turnbuckles with nut and locknut, measure the distance with a caliper, a tool that we recommend you have in your toolbox.

When motorcycle steering problems go beyond maintenance checks

If the movements that we perceive in front of the motorcycle do not disappear with the typical maintenance checks, we will have to check other elements of the motorcycle.

The first recommendation is see if you have a straight handlebar. It may be that the motorcycle had suffered a fall, for example when stopped, and that one of its ends had bent. Straightening a handlebar and making it look good is quite difficult. You can try it but remember that once the tube of material is folded and unfolded it will be weakened by the affected area. Our recommendation is that you change it for a new one, an operation that will take you a long time until you disassemble all the elements such as handles, mirrors and pinecones. It is a repair not too complicated but very entertaining.

Another element that you should check is the status of the handlebar weights.

The movements of the front end of the motorcycle can also be produced by steering clearances. The best way to check this problem is by raising the motorcycle to the stand or using a rear stand and, with the front wheel in the air, move the lower part of the suspension of the motorcycle back and forth, with one hand on each bottle. or in the fixings of the bars if we have an inverted fork.

Motorcycle seatpost

Since we have the motorcycle on the stand, you should also check that the motorcycle does not have the steering bearings “touched”. Move the handlebar back and forth and see if it turns smoothly. If the motorcycle has many kilometers you will see that in the center of the steering it will have a small point of hardness, as if the steering tended to stay there. This is due to wear on the steering bearing races. If this is very annoying and the steering tends to stay at this point, you will have to disassemble it and change the bearings.

Motorcycle front wheel axle

If you only see that the address is loose, it is easier, you will only have to tighten the upper fixing of this one. If you see that you have to change the bearings, You will have to disassemble the suspension, the upper nut, the upper triple clamp and remove the steering axle from the pipe. To do this conveniently, we recommend that you first obtain the workshop manual for your motorcycle so that you are clear about how all the elements are assembled … Or that you go to a specialized workshop.

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