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24 mayo, 2021
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Just as they say that a pet looks like its owner, I think a motorcycle says a lot about the personality of a motorcyclist. That is why there are hundreds of accessories on the market with which you can dress your motorcycle and give it a style that speaks well of you. They range from simple ornaments that have no other function to decorate, to others that are essential for the safety of those who ride them. But now we are going to talk a little about some that, although it is not their responsibility to safeguard the physical integrity of the rider, they do add enough personality to our motorcycle.

Let’s talk about fender trims

It is an accessory that is generally not included in the original model, it is normally made of a resistant metal since its main function in addition to making our travel companion more beautiful serves to protect the rear or front fender of a motorcycle.

We can find the trims known as fender fender, which are a bit more bulky but give a more rugged look to the motorcycle.


And the toe caps, which, although they also have the function of protecting the fender, are more stylized, are embedded in the fender and do not need anchoring points.


They are usually chrome-plated from the factory.

It is also important that before buying a trim or any accessory, you know the measurements and characteristics of your motorcycle well, so that it is perfect and you do not go through great frustration when you realize that it does not fit the model of your motorcycle. Always check before buying.

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