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My motorcycle does not understand genres

23 mayo, 2021
Valerie Thompson cabecera

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My bike doesn’t understand genders, says Valerie Thompson, one of the fastest motorcyclists in the world, a seven-time winner of the land speed record. His career began in 2006, riding quarter-mile motorcycles in the United States as part of the All Harley Drag Racing Association and the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle series.

Her career from the beginning was one of successes, Valerie Thompson not only conquers the track, she lives day by day conquering everything that is presented in front of her.

He also dedicates part of his time to helping and motivating children to overcome their personal challenges, in charities such as, which awarded him the award. “American Women Riders Community Hero Award”From 2011. Definitely the challenges with Valerie’s attitude are just paperwork, the world of motorcycling transforms people’s lives and puts a touch of positivism in everything that is undertaken. It is the philosophy that Valerie lives by and helps others live.

Name: Valerie Thompson / Speed: 350.53 km / h.

Valerie has already conquered the world of motorcycles, we bet that with the gallery of this Article she conquered you too …

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