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Never lose your motorcycle papers: photocopy or use an APP

25 mayo, 2021
documentacion moto perdida fotocopias

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It is better to prevent, leave the documentation of your motorcycle at home

Our recommendation is that you leave the original documentation of your motorcycle at home, because in case of loss you will have to go to the ITV and make a couple of procedures and payment of fees at the DGT. And to bring the documents in order you have two ways: Certified photocopies or use the MiDGT APP, which has perfect legal validity.

The photocopies of the documentation of the motorcycle must be certified and for this they must be contained in an office of a notary prior payment, or in an official registry that they want to do the management (they are not obliged to do so), for example in the registry of your city council or one of a ministry or public body.

It is much easier to carry the DGT APP that we told you about in this Moto1Pro article. To get the application, you only have to download it for free from the Apple or Google stores for Android devices and certify your identity with a PIN Code, a username and digital password that you can get at the Electronic Headquarters of the Government of Spain. To obtain this temporary password generator you will also have to download an application on your phone and it will serve you for many other things related to administrative procedures.

Once with your MiDGT APP you will have your driving license on your mobile, you can check your points, the validity of the ITV or the ecological label that corresponds to your motorcycle. And the best thing is that it has legal validity, which means that it is the same as carrying the original documents with you.

Should I also carry the motorcycle insurance?

The motorcycle insurance receipt is not necessary to carry with you, but it is recommended. Traffic officers or municipal police have access to the Insured Vehicle Information File and will check if you have a valid policy for your motorcycle. It is recommended because if the agents cannot access immediately, you will be able to get out of the “technical stop” faster by showing the last receipt. Also in the MiDGT APP you can check if the motorcycle has a valid policy.

In addition to the insurance receipt, it is advisable to carry a friendly accident report, in case you decide to use it. Unless you are very clear about things, we do not recommend using it. You also have a digital version of this Friendly Part, in an APP called IDEA Statement. A system that has the agreement of the insurance companies and that greatly automates the process of reporting an accident.

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