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New Harley Davidson financing plans

25 mayo, 2021
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Harley davidson offers its entry-level models to the brand such as the Street and Street Rod and the beautiful Sportster Iron 883, with an attractive financing campaign.

The You can get Harley Davidson Street and Street Rod with a financing of just 20 euros per month, while Sportster you can buy it for 25 euros per month. You have all the financing conditions in this link. In the case of the Street 750, the first installment is 3,700 euros, then you will have to pay 23 installments of 20 euros and a final installment of 3,600 additional euros. For the Street Rod 750, the first installment is 4,325 euros, then you have to pay 23 installments of 20 euros and a final installment of 4,287 euros. Finally for the Sportster Iron 883 the first installment is 5,445 euros, then you have to pay 23 installments of 25 euros, and a final installment of 5,402 euros. All financing has an APR of 1.9 percent.

Harley Davidson Street Rod

Both the Harley Davidson Street 750 and the Street Rod are designed for a eminently urban use but with all the flavor of Milwaukee motorcycles. The Street is the most European Harley, with a very sporty and comfortable riding position and the elasticity of the American twin.

The Sportster Iron 883 is a beauty, which reflects the simplicity of the small Sportster with minimalist and urban touches. It is a note in which they will stare at you at all traffic lights and that you will enjoy both at their controls and contemplating it when you get off it.

Entering the Harley world is another story … Whoever tries it, often repeats. Harley Davidson has recently presented two other jewels such as the Sportster Iron 1200 and the Forty Eight Special, both with an Evolution 1200 engine.

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