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New KYMCO CV3 2021: the Taiwanese firm’s first three-wheel scooter

24 mayo, 2021
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As you can see, as KYMCO lets us see with its first photos, the new CV3 is a different three wheel scooter. It is sporty in design, yes, but it has a significant GT capacity as you will now see, and it even has a bit of a three-wheeled “SUV” as it can afford off-road terrain.


In search of maximum stability, the brand has opted for a double front fork system similar to what we had already seen in Yamaha’s three-wheelers, both in the Tricity and in the Niken. In this way they are distributed two bottles per wheel and they are joined with a tilting seatpost in its central part, in such a way that the inclination towards the sides is possible. As in other models, the CV3 has a hydraulic block, which allows it to stand supported on three wheels as if it were a tripod.


We have always said that it seems to have the mechanical basis of the KYMCO AK 550 and so it seems to continue to be. In this way, we are facing a scooter with a parallel twin engine whose power would amount to 51.6 hp at 7,500 rpm, which would make it the most powerful three-wheel scooter on the market, using an independent arm for the rear suspension and a toothed belt for the transmission.

If its lines make clear its sporting intentions, its great fairing, its wide screen and the possibility of riding side cases tells us about his road spirit, so we are facing a long-distance scooter. In addition, KYMCO ensures that it is perfectly suitable for breaking through off-road roads.


As you can see, the seat is divided in two, the pilot has lumbar support and the passenger one can be removed to mount a top case instead with which to increase the load capacity.

Of course, the equipment of the new CV3 could not ignore technology such as KYMCO’s Noodoe app, which thanks to bluetooth and the smartphone is reflected in its large TFT screen, and amenities such as smart key or smartkey start-up.


An important detail that has caught our attention when seeing these first images, is that the KYMCO CV3 is probably not validated to be driven with a car license, as it happens with its rivals, because at first glance it does not seem to meet some of the requirements that would allow it, such as the intermittent indicators independent of the body. For now, we will have to wait until the 26th of this month to confirm it. We will continue to inform!

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