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New Öhlins FGR 250 fork: for racing and circuit

25 mayo, 2021
fgr 250 front fork 6

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Based on the Öhlins universal range, it can be adapted to racing motorcycles with only slight adjustments. Its mechanism is based on pressurized FKR cartridges, offering a more predictable pressure sensation. LÖhlins TTX technology allows separate compression and rebound adjustments on each bottle, the time needed to make these adjustments is less. The polishing and coating treatment of the internal bars reduces friction, improves the behavior of the fork and transmits better sensations to the rider.

A treat only for the most demanding riders and track users. The good thing costs, and the price of this new fork is 4,500 euros plus VAT. We can’t wait to test its performance on the track compared to the standard SBK suspensions so we can tell you about it.

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