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New sap with a classic spirit

23 mayo, 2021
Prueba KTM 790Adventure 8

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There are still gaps to be filled in the two-cylinder mid-trail segment. Two of them have been covered in one stroke by KTM with his two new creations, the 790 Adventure Y 790 Adventure R.

We already explained how the most radical of the two was going, so now we have to focus on the contender for the title of the most versatile of the medium displacement trail.

Prueba KTM 790Adventure 1
Power 95 hp Weight (full) 204 kg License A, A2 Price € 12,399

We already told you how the 790 Adventure R, the more off-road all big trail that I have ever created KTM, and probably also from among those designed by the rest of the brands.

Today we return to trail more, Let’s say, popular. During the presentation of Morocco, the first day took place on the back of the 790 Adventure. Unfortunately, simultaneously to some notable winds that generated the most threatening sandstorms. But even so, we could verify that, In terms of comfort, engine response, chassis balance, brakes and suspensions, we are talking about an extraordinary product and of a absolute versatility. But let’s go in parts.

Tested engine

The so-called LC8c, the inline twin cylinder released just over a year ago by the 790 Duke, it has been particularly suitable for creating a compact adventure bike as is for its configuration, size, lightness and response.

The changes necessary to adapt the character of the engine of a very light sports naked to that of a trail suitable for carrying two people and his luggage until the end of the world, on and off the asphalt, are based on a new electronics that replace the Sport mode by the so-called Off-road, to which an optional Rally mode is added (of which we explain all the details).

Prueba KTM 790Adventure 4
Despite the compactness of the 790, the passenger has ample space and very generous handholds

Making it clear that in terms of the cycle part the only difference comes from suspensions, the aesthetic changes between her and the R are few, but they are based on key elements: instead of the enduring fenders high we found one glued to the wheel, more suitable for high rates on asphalt, and the screen is clearly more elevated, Y not tinted.

A screen which, by the way, I know change position in an instant with an allen key. The reason for not having included a height change mechanism is, as in the rest of the elements of the motorcycle, the make the 790 Adventure as functional as it is reliable in a very wide spectrum of conditions and types of use.

Prueba KTM 790Adventure 2 2
The TFT instrumentation is easy to read even in direct noon light. The screen is regulated in two positions, but by means of an allen-type key

For this reason, a easy air filter access and without tools, or that the same side covers of the seat-tail include a tool holder in their structure.

But each and every one of the pieces that make up this creature has a specific and essential function. If not, it would have already been suppressed during model development. Nothing in it is superfluous and everything seeks the greatest mechanical accessibility.

Prueba KTM 790Adventure 7

Is obsession with functionality, and for him good weight distribution, has led to the scarce 204 kg that weighs with a full 20-liter tank are much less than those of any rival with two or three cylinders, and that on top of that are distributed in a masterful way thanks to the location of the tank.

The KTM 450 Rally have the main tank in the same place for something … lower the center of gravity, I know centralize the masses around the engine, I know dramatically increases stationary maneuverability, It can massively narrow the contact area between motorcycle and legs… And, in addition, minimizes behavior change as the liters of fuel are consumed.

Pure efficiency

The 200mm of fork and shock travel, elements whose springs pull tighter than soft, they are more than enough for the motorcycle to move on the road without suffering too much transfer of weights from one wheel to another, especially if we are loaded or with a passenger, but also for absorb many more irregularities of which most users will face.

Prueba KTM 790Adventure 5 1
The suspensions are simpler than in the R and with less travel, but even so we talk about 200 mm in each train

When our guide left, he explained to us that we would first go on a stretch of open road in which the kilometer straights are the constant. Then we would move on to abandon the asphalt and travel a few kilometers along a flat and simple track, but with some uncomfortable loose stones.

There we discovered that Avon trailrunner that it carries as standard, much more asphalt than the Metzeler Karoo 3 of its sister R, they behave with dignity in a moderate off-road driving.

After that scramble through the stones, we returned to the asphalt and approached the area where the only curves would appear chained as a sequence for many miles around. Because in the vicinity of Erg Chebbi, the fun is out of the black.

Prueba KTM 790Adventure 6 2
The braking is exceptional for power, feel and for the effectiveness of its Cornering ABS system, configurable and disconnectable.

Those few curves, however, serve to show us that the acceleration in middle gears is much more than solvent and that Optional quickshifter up & down that has been installed on the test units works as rarely does a system of this type: fast and smoothregardless of the gear chosen and the speed of rotation.

We also found that curve entry is immediate, which is one of those motorcycles with which you enter into symbiosis from the first moment because do not require any effort to transmit orders, without the sour or rough character that KTM chassis often have, that ask for precise orders and that seem to want to be given them to get where very few bikes go.

In this case, the final premise holds, but this 790 Adventure has a cycle part that we could define as very universal, suitable for all audiences, from the most experienced and experienced to those who start in the adventure motorcycle segment.

In addition to having a very careful ergonomics (with multi-position adjustable handlebars and risers, or seat with two heights available as standard), the electronics will allow you to choose programs or finish adjusting to leave it to everyone’s liking, something unimaginable until very recently … And that same electronics allow you to enjoy and be protected by a parachute that you will never notice, but that will always be there.

Prueba KTM 790Adventure 3 1
Navigating the menus is as simple as ever in the Adventure range since these cursors were released

All this with a comfort level equivalent to that of a larger and heavier motorcycle, with a huge autonomy thanks to a ridiculous consumption and even large tank and with Loading capacity as to face trips of any kind, knowing that there is a motorcycle to adapt to any type of terrain as much as the best in each case.

A solid bike, well finished and eager to become the reference in its segment, that of middle-class trail adventurers.

How the KTM 790 Adventure is doing in …

Town: Is very narrow, with a perfect weight distribution, so it is very easy to reach the ground with both feet and maneuver it. Is very smooth at low speed and his turning radius is very correct to have inverted fork.

Highway: On the road it shows very compact and balanced, with an optimal balance between agility and poise. The engine turns up fast and shifting is very fast and precise, but the engine is, in turn, very elastic between curves.

Highway: With the screen in a raised position it is not bad at all and it has sufficient load capacity. The deposit gives to have to stopping for fatigue long before needing to refuel. It is not a GT, but it will be a tireless traveler.

Off-road: Without being the R, it is much more suitable for an off-road that goes from moderate to intense than the vast majority of the rest of the trail models on the market … The limit will be in your hands, and in the tires you choose for it.

Prueba KTM 790Adventure 8 2
The driving modes, as well as the ABS and traction control adjustment parameters, allow it to adapt chameleonically to any possible condition

Data sheet

Motor type: 2 cyl. in-line transverse, 4T LC DOHC 8V

Bore x stroke: 88.0 x 65.7mm x 2

Displacement: 799 cc

Maximum power: 70 kW (95 hp) at 8,000 rpm

Maximum torque: 88 Nm (9.0 kgm) at 6,600 rpm

Compression ratio: Na

Feeding: Dell’Orto electronic fuel injection with ride by wire and 46mm conduits

Change: Six-speed, optional up & down shifter

Clutch: Multi-disc in oil with anti-skid system and PASC assistance, cable control

Secondary transmission: By chain of seals

Chassis type: Cr-Mo steel tubular, bearing motor

Steering geometry: 25.9º and nd mm of advance

Swingarm: Aluminum double arm

Front suspension: WP Apex inverted fork w / 43 / 200mm stanchions, no adjustments

Rear suspension: WP PDS shock absorber direct to swingarm, 200mm, adjustable preload

Front brake: 2x 320mm discs with 4-piston radial J.Juan calipers, Bosch 9.1MP Cornering ABS with off-road mode and switchable

Back brake: 260mm disc, 2-piston J.Juan caliper

Tires: 90/90 × 21 “and 150/70 × 18”

Total length: Na

Maximum height: Na

Maximum width: Na

Axle distance: 1,509 +/- 15 mm

Seat height: 850/830 mm (adjustable)

Weight -filled-: 204 kg (189 without gasoline)

Deposit: 20 l

Average consumption: 4.5 l / 100 km

TOtheoretical autonomy: 444 km

Price: 12,399 euros

Official guarantee: 2 years (up to 4 optionally)

Importer: KTM Sportmotorcycle España, SL



Available equipment:

TFT digital instrumentation, Bluetooth, Hour clock, Double trip odometer, Coolant temperature indicator, Ambient temperature indicator, Fuel level indicator, Warning, On-board computer, Stopwatch, Inserted speed indicator, Maximum speed warning, Electronic anti-theft, Ride by wire, Traction control, Power curves, Riding modes, Led headlight, Anti-slip clutch, Adjustable screen, Adjustable handlebar, Adjustable rider seat, Separate seats, Clutch lever adjustment, Lever adjustment …

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