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Norton arrives in Spain | Moto1Pro

25 mayo, 2021
norton dominator

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Norton Motorcycles

Norton, with almost 120 years of history, began his sporting successes in the test of the Isle of Man TT in 1907 with Rem Fowler in 1952 Geoff Duje took the titles of World Champion in 350 and 500. The arrival of Japanese motorcycles left Norton immersed in a major crisis at the end of the 70s from which he managed to emerge a decade later to to triumph again on the Isle of Man in 1992 with Steve Hislop.

During this stage Norton was famous for producing models powered by a Wankel rotary engine.. In 2008 Norton turned its story around and moved to Dormington Park under the direction of Stuart Garner.

The Nortons who come to Spain

Today Norton focuses on the production of two models with historical names: the Commando 961 with its Sport and Café Racer variants, and the Dominator 961. The common denominator in its air-cooled parallel twin engine and 80 hp of power, but it is undoubtedly the completely handmade manufacturing process (including the engine) and premium components such as Öhlins suspensions and Brembo brakes that characterize Norton today. So much so that it allows customization a la carte to suit the client.

The Commando 961 Sport It is the base model of the current Norton family, a sports naked equipped with conventional Öhlins suspensions, Brembo Gold Series double disc brakes on the front axle and alloy wheels.

For its part, the variant Commando 961 Café Racer It is inspired by the modifications that British users made in the 1950s on the Nortons of that time to participate in races on public roads from one Road Cafe stand to the next. Thus, the base of the Sport is transformed using an inverted Öhlins fork in the front end, a pair of shock absorbers with gas bottle at the rear, a discreet dome over the headlight and the vintage detail of the spoked wheels.

Norton 961 Sport

The Dominator 961Finally, it is based on the “Concept” design of the Domiracer that Norton unveiled in 2005, with the necessary changes in its homologation to make it legal on public roads. Let us remember, by the way, the exclusive test we did in Moto1Pro of the Norton Domiracer.

This very original design is shaped with an aluminum tank and carbon fiber parts that dress its frame (screen, front fenders, tail and side panels) and the wheels. As you can imagine, it also uses Öhlins and Brembo and the suspensions are fully adjustable, while monobloc calipers are used for the brakes. In short, oversized components for the 80 hp that its engine produces.

Norton V4 RR

But there is still more, and that is that in addition to these three models Norton will increase its range with the arrival of the long-awaited Norton V4 RR / SS supercars powered by a 1,200 cc four-cylinder V engine and titanium exhausts of no less than 200 hp power, aerospace technology and a lot of carbon fiber.

Your arrival is expected from next september with Euro 4 homologation. But if you want a tea, we recommend two things: first, start saving, and second … reserve it now!

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