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NORTON F1 – Passion Biker

24 mayo, 2021
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There are in the history of motorcycling some motorcycles that seem urban legends, because despite their beauty they were not so successful and they quickly left the market due to different circumstances. However, here we like to remember them, as we consider they are worthy of occupying a space on our blog.

Such is the case of the Norton F1 it is a sports bike with a rotary engine (Wankel), built by Norton Motorcycles between 1989 and 1991. 588cc cylinder, racing spec suspension, aluminum alloy frame, hydraulic clutch, fitted with carburettors Mikuni and upgraded with the FZR1000 five-speed gearbox from Yamaha and front and rear disc brakes.

The design with which it was released was unique, black with gold labels and gray and gold stripes.

The bike was a revelation at its launch and the original racing version won in Brands Hatch, the road version was put on sale a year later at a price of 12,000 pounds (a reasonable amount of money at the time).

It is now off the market as it was so successful in sales, however the biggest problem had to do with excessive emissions and overheating.

Definitely a motorcycle beauty.


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