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Novice technique: 2t or 4t?

25 mayo, 2021
tecnica para novatos 2t o 4t

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After this introductory roll, you can already understand that a 2-stroke engine has fewer parts and is simpler and lighter. It also pollutes more and needs a much more exhaustive maintenance. But it requires fewer processes to manufacture (it is cheaper) and also to transform the chemical energy of the moving fuel of your rear wheel and that determines the character of an engine. As fewer processes occur, they occur faster: a 2t engine turns very quickly and the same happens with the power, it arrives abruptly, with little filter. It is true that modern 2t engines are smoother and there has been work to make the power delivery less abrupt, but they will always continue to have that character, like that person you are thinking of (whoever it is). In the same way, has fewer parts, and is generally lighter than a 4t engine.

The 4t engine may not have as much specific power for the same displacement, but it also has its advantages. Consumption is one of them because it does not waste unburned fuel. For the same reason, it pollutes less. They are two very commendable qualities, but let’s face it, they are not the main ones when it comes to enduro. Power delivery is much more progressive, and there is no “workload” in the barn with the input of horsepower.. The traction capacity is also higher than that of 2t motorcycles, although the latter will defend themselves better on trails and difficult areas. But on the fast sections of tracks it performs better than the 2t, which tends to be more bouncy. 4t bikes have more torque, in addition to being more stable. In the two cases -2t and 4t- motorcycles have evolved a lot in the last decade, filing their defects and enhancing their virtues.

Novice technique: 2t or 4t?

Enduro is a specialty that encompasses a bit of all motorcycle disciplines. It is necessary the skill and balance of the trial, the technique and the “egg” of motocross and even the ability to roll fast of the speed bikes. That is why there is no better motorcycle than another for everyone, but for each type of rider, or rather, for each type of riding. What works for one may be uncomfortable for another, But the reality is that a novice is not going to get into the most difficult trails and needs a motorcycle that makes things easier for him.. It does not mean that I cannot carry a 2t, many started with them, but what it is about is to enjoy and that there is a progression in learning in the aspects of enduro that we are most amused or interested in.

Anyway, in the world of advice you have to be cautious. Maybe you fancy a two-stroke motorcycle because it is what you have seen passing through your window since you were young and you are seduced by the characteristic smell of burnt oil that you used to savor as it passed.. I think it was Kant who said that we must learn to make mistakes on our own. After all, it is an infallible way to learn, even if you finally have to buy two motorcycles.

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