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NZI turns helmets into rackets

25 mayo, 2021
1621950007 NZI raquetas padel

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All fans know what is perhaps the most representative helmet brand in Spain. Most of us in fact more than likely have owned a helmet at some point NZI As part of our team, the surprise comes when we realize that they are also dedicated to sports.

Taking advantage of the jerk that paddle has over the last few years and seeing certain manufacturing similarities between building a helmet and a racket for this sport, and have decided to venture into the commercialization of shovels for this popular discipline.

The range with which NZI throws itself into the pool consists of eight different models aimed at two different types of players. On the one hand we have the models NZI Control (Babylon, Stripes and Volante) for players who want to have greater control over the ball and print greater technique.

And on the other side of the ring, for those looking for more power, we have the models NZI Power (Eagle, Bluenergy and Sixsides). more weight and more rigidity to give the ball more power.

Posted by brand:

«NZI enters the world of racket sport, creating a line of paddle tennis rackets.
Power, design, technology … there are many variables that must be taken into account in the manufacture of a good paddle tennis racket. In this first “batch” we have decided to create a range with 6 models aimed at two types of players
Discover how is the manufacturing process of the new paddle rackets«

Finally we have the NZI Carbon Bracelet (Yellow and Red) whose peculiarity is that the surface is embossed to provide an effect on each blow.

All of them are also manufactured in pre-impregnated aerospace carbon fiber for its structure and EVA for a comfortable grip.

The launch prices are € 185 for Control and Power and € 225 for Carbon Bracelet as long as you are one of the first 999 buyers of each model.

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