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On a motorcycle around the city: safe, equipped and setting style

25 mayo, 2021
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If you are one of those moves every day in the city, whether for leisure, to go to class or to go to work, surely you already know very well that the best way to do it, in addition to the fastest, most comfortable and efficient, is by going on your own motorcycle.

Motorcycles and scooters offer only advantages when it comes to moving around the city, they are light and manageable vehicles, which consume little gasoline and can be easily parked wherever you go. They are the essence of urban freedom and their presence does not imply any congestion on the streets, but just the opposite. Also, motorcycles and scooters help us save money.

The importance of good motorcycle equipment

Stylish motorcycle clothing

And no, it is no longer necessary to dress as a gentleman from the Middle Ages whenever we get on a motorcycle, going to the theater or a restaurant with a sports jacket never did our elegance any favors, but luckily that no longer has why be like that. In our days it is perfectly possible to be protected on a motorcycle and dressed in fashion at the same time, the new trends in urban equipment know how to dress from head to toe without losing a bit of style.

We all know very well that the excuse that of “if I go there next door, what will happen to me?” It sounds stale and out of date. On a motorcycle you never know and the best thing is to always be well prepared. You don’t realize how hard and scorching asphalt is until you check it out for yourself, so the best thing is to always go protected from head to toe with the best materials.

If you like go to fashion and move around the city in style You are in luck because the market has known how to adapt to the latest trends to meet the tastes of all its customers. For urban trips you can always resort to a charming jet helmet or a designer full face helmet if you prefer. Do not forget also that, although the helmet is the only part of the equipment that is required by law, gloves are another element that you should never forget when getting on a motorcycle. Surely you will find urban gloves that fit with everything or even airy gloves if you see that the heat is pressing, whether you are looking for them as a boy or a girl.

Stylish motorcycle clothing

Can you imagine wearing motorcycle clothing that looks like normal clothes taken from your closet? Either to go out to dinner or to go to work, you would not feel “disguised” as a biker unnecessarily. That is why you can always resort to leather jackets of urban or vintage design, which do not forget their corresponding protections, and which also go perfectly with reinforced motorcycle jeans and absolutely discreet classic and urban motorcycle boots. So you can go to your appointments without drawing the least attention.

In addition, the idea of ​​women having to wear men’s garments in their smallest sizes is over with highly unsightly results. Nowadays the girls have specific equipment at their disposal specially designed for women where there is no shortage of quality jackets, urban design but with their essential protections, motorcycle jeans, which go completely through ordinary jeans, and even motorcycle boots that look like urban footwear and that do not compromise comfort or safety by offering the necessary protections and reinforcements.

Stylish motorcycle clothing

Situations that are better to avoid on a motorcycle

However, in the city there are many other vehicles, some obstacles and potential urban pitfalls for which we must be prepared. Not everything in the city is “moto-friendly” and that is precisely why it is essential that we take into account a series of tips with which we can avoid some problems. Our motorcycle safety depends not only on good riding technique, but also on our own equipment as riders.

In order to fully enjoy our motorcycle or scooter when moving around the city We have to resort to our 5 senses, only then can we get the most out of our trips and with all the safety.

When we ride a motorcycle there are certain situations that it is better to avoid. For example, we always have to avoid being in blind spots, on a motorcycle our mission is to make ourselves seen at all times and only in this way will we make sure that other vehicles are aware of our presence.

Stylish motorcycle clothing

There are other tips that it is better not to wait for experience to teach you, but you can take note from this moment. For example, at a traffic light it is better not to stop in the center of your lane, if the vehicle that follows you does not brake could carry you ahead, so always stop between lanes to reduce this possibility. In the same way, before a crossroads, do not pass the first one quickly as soon as the traffic light goes off, you never know if in the other lane someone will hurry and pass when they already have it in red. Also be careful with vehicles that make blind turns, like those that merge into narrow streets and to look out they cross half a car on our road.

On a motorcycle, as you see, safety and style are not incompatible. If you add to this the correct driving techniques when moving around the city, you will also have the perfect cocktail to enjoy the motorcycle to the fullest in your day-to-day life.

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