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Original version with Chinese subtitles: Marching one of copies

23 mayo, 2021
Jiaju JJ400

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It does not come back to most of you that in China there are thousands of factories whose main modus vivendi is to copy successful products that are manufactured beyond its borders, from fashion to electronics, but motorcycles are not excluded either.

Most of you will have seen a Chinese copy of a popular motorcycle, be it Japanese or European, but perhaps many of you do not know that in the Asian giant there are more than 200 motorcycle factories, most of which are absolutely unknown to us.

Quite a few of them make copies of successful Japanese or European motorcycles, some of them with great aesthetic fidelity, others with less success. What is always common is that the engines tend to be very different from the original motorcycles, something that is especially noticeable when the original copied is a large-displacement motorcycle, since in China this category is practically non-existent. Today we show you a small selection of them.

No, this is not a Bmw scarver, the Munich roadster that had the same single-cylinder engine as the G650 GS. It is the Chinese Jonway JJ250.

Jonway BMW COpy

We can also find a minimoto version of the powerful S1000RR, the LeikeThunderer …

bmw s1000 copy

Kengo has specialized in replicating various Kawasaki models. The R350 is a good imitation of the Ninja 400

Kengo R350 6

… And the X350 is the Z650.

Kengo X350

The Yamaha R6 has several clones in China, from the Mi-Track DV250RZ-1, which without blushing shows the logo of the fretboards on the tank and the initials R6 on the sides …

yamaha r6

… To little Yayama R6.

yayama r6

This Kawasaki Z1000 is not such, but a Jiajue JJ400, with a 450 cc parallel twin engine

Jiaju JJ400 1

Jiajue also has his version of the KTM Duke, the C8, very successful.

jiajue C8

Honda also has its replicas, like this YCF Urban, a copy of the MSX 125 …

ycf urban 125 sptz

… Or the ZJMM R12, the Chinese CBR 125.


Not even Ducati get rid of clones in China: the Wonjan WJ300GS Shadow is an exact replica of the 1198, but with a modest 300cc single cylinder engine


And the Lifan Hunter 125 will certainly remind you a lot of the Ducati Scrambler.

lifan hunter 125

But it seems that in the eastern country they are encouraging larger companies. As a sample, this Jiangsu project called Xinri. Does it sound familiar?

Jiangsu Xinri

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