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Piaggio Beverly 300 and 350 with ABS and ASR as standard

25 mayo, 2021
piaggio beverly 350 2016 1

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The Piaggio Beverly 300 and 350 are the most successful high-wheel scooters of the Italian manufacturer. They have perfect finishes, ergonomics completely adapted to the European public and two engines aimed at A2 motorcycle license holders who need a complete urban and interurban vehicle.

The arrival of the Euro 4 regulations has forced the engines of the Piaggio Beverly to be modified and the Italian giant has taken the opportunity to improve some details and give them new colors.

Why is there a 300 and a 350 Piaggio Beverly?

The differences between the Piaggio Beverly 300 and 350 lie in their engine. The latter is the most advanced version of this single-cylinder four-stroke, and offers similar performance to a 400cc one, as well as a Piaggio own traction control system that can save you some scare in your day-to-day life.

The entire new Piaggio range also has an ABS braking system as standard, as set by the Euro 4 standard. In this way, Piaggio completes its entire range of high-wheel scooters that begins with the Liberty (the simplest and most with air-cooled engine), the Piaggio Medley we told you about a few weeks ago, with its Start / Stop system, and these Beverlys that now have a new face.

The main novelty of the 2016 Piaggio Beverly 300 and 350 is in its engine that receives a new catalyst and a new injection management unit. Thus pass the Euro 4 approvals without problems without losing any of the performance of the previous engines, also presumably they will consume less. The entire range will also feature ABS-type assistance brakes and ASR traction control that can be switched off from the scooter’s handlebar.

Piaggio Beverly 2016 USB connection

The whole range also has the “bike finder” system with which you can turn on the scooter indicators remotely with the remote control, as well as open the gap under the seat. Under this we will enter two jet helmets. Finally, the conventional power outlet has been transformed into a much more practical USB plug.

Among its novelties, it also highlights the position lights and led-type taillights. The 300 offer slightly less performance than the 350, also a more competitive price and an aesthetic that you can combine from the basic 300 and 300S (with more sporty details) or the more exclusive by Police, developed jointly with this brand.

The Piaggio Beverly 350 Sport Touring is indicated if you need an extra engine, for example if you live on the outskirts of a city and need to travel on the motorway. Its power figures are 30 hp with a torque of 29 nm.

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