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Pirelli Angel ST vs Angel GT: Angels and Devils

24 mayo, 2021
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Pirelli Angel ST

To begin with, the user of motorcycle sport-tourism seeks the commitment of its tires on three levels: durability, versatility and grip in the wet. Pirelli engineers arrived with the Angel ST and they wanted to bring out precisely those virtues, especially in duration, achieving several world records in the 24 Hours of the Nardó circuit.

The key was in the composition: New resins, carbon black and high-density silica allowed the ST to maintain the rigidity of the compound and, in the end, to improve both aspects of the wheel: for tourist use, more mileage, more stability and more safety were achieved (thanks to silica), but at the same time, for the more sporty, improved grip, traction and braking were achieved (thanks to the black smoke).

For driving in water, the new drawing improved the evacuation of water, in which by the way, it can be seen the silhouette of an angel, but when it wears out after 1000 km it becomes a demon. At least, curious.

This tread had specific changes such as the greater inclination of the wall of the grooves, improving durability and dispersion of water while the central part offers, above all, greater duration. The sport-touring shell withstands stress on the go thanks to Pirelli’s so-called 0º steel canvas together with a slimmer distribution that reduces the weight of the rotational mass and allows the two spirits (sport and touring) of this car to be brought to life. Angel ST.

Pirelli Angel GT

In 2013, Pirelli introduced the Angel GT. It might seem like an evolution of the Angel ST, but the modifications of this new tire not only have their own improvements in their characteristics, but the production process is totally different.

The resulting compound in the ST came from the mixture of hybrid polymers, reactive resins and nanomaterials at the same time. By cons, the GT results from a continuous mixing process in which the polymers are mixed first, then the resins are added and, finally, the nanomaterials. Among other things, this ensures that the surface in contact with the ground, which is now greater than in ST, it stays a lot smoother microscopic vision and is noticeable in their behavior in terms of wet and dry mileage and performance.

The drawing was also simplified lowering the number of grooves and the profile of the GT has a different curvature, more stable in the central part and at the same time with greater possibilities of inclination on the flanks.

ST vs GT

After the technical explanations, we have to talk about our sensations with each pair of tires. For it, Pirelli provided the group of journalists with several motorcycles with ST and GT tires to be able to compare their behavior: Triumph Trophy SE, BMW S 1000 XR, Ducati Multistrada 1200 S, Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Y KTM 1050 Adventure, all of them trail and tourism. However, we were also able to get on a Suzuki gsx-s1000, a Honda VFR800 and one Honda Integra, to demonstrate the versatility of these tires on different types of motorcycle. Not surprisingly, these bikes also seek a compromise on durability, grip and behavior in the wet, especially on bikes for daily use.

The first thing to say is that we obviously cannot comment on its durability. According to Pirelli, the Angel GT has improved its mileage by 30% over the ST. Furthermore, taking as a reference the tests of the German Motorrad Testcenter, the Pirelli Angel GT It puts out its chest against the competition in performance tests. They also claim to be the tire that brakes the shortest distance compared to the competition (depending on the brand). In addition, it is emphasized that the logical drop in its performance with the passage of kilometers is more relaxed and constant than its main competitor.

Rubber test

To start the tour, we ‘dared’ with the Triumph Trophy SE, a monster that came equipped with the Angel ST. We started out of Barcelona going up Vallvidrera where we already realized the ability of the Pirelli to respond to the demands on the curve of this heavy giant and in still quite cold temperatures. Well! The ‘angel’ is with us.

The interesting route that we made (with its corresponding stop to eat in a restaurant in the heart of Penedés) consisted of twisty roads of good asphalt and we were jumping from one motorcycle to another, but in that first hour the rains of the previous day left very cold, humid or quite wet areas in which, despite entering with the logic of distrust at the beginning, did not make the bikes lose not a hint of stability or grip.

It must be said that it is true that the different types of frames that we wore also give us different sensations due to the characteristics of each model. The poise of a Trophy is not the same as the smoothness of an Integra or the sporty streak of a Multistrada. For that also difficult to clearly distinguish the differences between the ST and the GT in just one test. After all, as recognized by Pirelli, today the tires of all the leading brands are of high quality.

What we can tell you is that both models offer magnificent grip and give you full confidence in any braking, acceleration or inclination.

To put them against the ropes, we took out our ‘devil’ and fully tightened the lever and brake caliper on different motorcycles. With and without ABS, both on heavy bikes like the Trophy and on other sportier ones like the GSX-S1000, it is very difficult to skid the rear wheel although it is true that the Angel GT showed one more point of stability. They also both performed very well when it came to full throttle. Here too, Pirelli’s last ‘little angel’ gave us a better feeling at the corner exit where we screw in gas thoroughly. However, perhaps the most interesting point is the cornering. Here it is true that the possibilities of the GT have taken a step forward. The confidence it gives you when laying down is slightly higher than that of the ST and its ‘angelic’ softness When it comes to making changes of direction, it shows the good work that has been implemented in its innovative production process and the most ‘diabolical’ point that has given it all the improvements that we have mentioned.

Having said that, in general we do not perceive any great differences between the Angel ST and the last Angel GT. Surely its greatest advance and what most of us mortals are going to notice is in duration, something key when thinking about the investment, which is obviously going to be higher in the GT, yes, but it will also offer you that 30% longer travel declared by Pirelli on your touring and trail bike, but also naked and sport.

Enter the Pirelli website for more details and the range of measurements of the Angel ST and the Angel GT.

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