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Planet Friendly Motorcycles

24 mayo, 2021

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The electric vehicle concept is relatively new to the world. However, it is making its way and the number of its defenders is increasing daily.

The objective of electric vehicles is clear: to stop the harmful impacts on the environment. The figures are outrageous: gasoline used for transportation accounts for approximately 80% of total urban pollution. Only in Mexico 715 million tons of carbon dioxide are emitted during a year. This CO2 that the exhaust pipes constantly expel is not only harmful for the planet, but also for the general health of the inhabitants. Given this situation, electric vehicles appear as a good proposal with the aim of measuring the excessive use of gasoline.

Faced with this problem, he arrives in Mexico VMOTO a manufacturer specialized in 2-wheeled vehicles powered by electric motors with a great European design but with great German engineering. This brand already has a great boom in Australia and New Zealand and now it is time to bring its planet-friendly products to Mexico where it is actually a good alternative for daily use, VMOTO has several models of scooters which with a single charge of 7 hours you can travel from 60 to 70 km. Any of its models, be it the E-CROSS up to the V120L, can generate a maximum speed of 60 km / hr, which is perfect for urban routes, silent, agile and light are the great features that you can find in these scooters.

It is a great alternative for a city motorcycle, put your grain of sand to take care of the planet and buy yours at

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