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Prado wins his second race at Mantova

23 mayo, 2021
Jorge Prado KTM 450 SX F 2020 Lombardia

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Jorge Prado has been imposed in the inaugural sleeve of the MXGP Citta di Mantova, the tenth round of the MXGP and MX2 World Championship 2020, disputed this Wednesday in the Circuit Citta di Mantova, in Italy. In the second, won by the French Romain Febvre, the Spanish finished sixth.

On MX2, Thomas Kjer Olsen Y Tom Vialle they have been the best; continuing the second as solid category leader one more rally.

Tony Cairoli KTM 450 SX F 2020 Lombardia

Three days after stepping on the Circuit Citta di Mantova, the MXGP and MX2 World Championship 2020 has returned to action on that same stage. East MXGP Citta di Mantova It was the second of three times the drivers will compete in their arena. The third and last, this Sunday on the occasion of MXGP Europe. Of course, neither today nor next weekend will there be public in the stands and / or ‘pelousse’ due to the security protocols imposed by the Italian government to combat and stop Covid-19.

In fact, in this atypical 2020, the highest World Cup competition will visit Italy three times (three events on the same stage and in a row) on a third occasion: in Pietramurata, on November 1, 4 and 8.

The Circuit Citta di Mantova, managed by the Moto Club Mantovano, It is not a strange track for many World Cup drivers and teams, since it has hosted World Cup appointments up to eleven times since 1991. The last one, last weekend, with Jeremy seewer Y Thomas Kjer Olsen being the best in the queen class and in MX2, respectively.

By the way, Jorge Prado, with a 2-2, was the winner of the MXGP Mantova, but a penalty in the second heat for jumping a yellow flag relegated him to third place in the combined and fourth place in the race. Still, the BiChampion of the MX2 World he was before today only 39 points from the top of the championship; a difference that seemed small when there were still half of the championship to be disputed.

Jorge Prado KTM 450 SX F 2020 Lombardia 1

MXGP: Prado and Febvre split the sleeves

The lugonse Jorge Prado has once again been awarded a sleeve of the highest category. After the conquest on September 13 in the first round of the MXGP Emilia Romagna, also on Italian soil, that of KTM has returned to the top of the podium in the opening series of this MXGP Citta di Mantova, ahead of the Swiss Jeremy seewer, second, and from French Romain Febvre, third.

It was a perfect manga. I’ve been focused on not making mistakes and holding the pressure, but right now I want to send AJ a big hug (Arminas Jasikonis) and I hope he recovers soon and to see us as soon as possible “, explained the Galician when referring to the Lithuanian pilot who remains in an induced coma after the serious fall suffered last Sunday in this same circuit.

The two-time MX2 World Champion (2018 and 2019), however, he was unable to get past sixth place in the second heat, which ended with Febvre and his compatriot Gautier paulin in the first two positions and with the Slovenian Tim gajser, leader of the general, in third place.

In the combined of GP Citta di Mantova, Prado was second, behind Febvre and ahead of Gajser.

The one of Sling, current Champion of the category, continues one more rally at the head of the provisional classification of MXGP, but now with a total of 352 points. Italian follows Antonio Cairoli, with 347, Seewer with 334 and Prado with 317. The Spanish is only 35 points behind the Slovenian.

For its part, Jose Butron, the other Spaniard in contention here, returns home with 21 and 19 places, respectively. Of course, the table already has three points.


MX2: Vialle soars towards the title

Regarding the silver division, the championship leader, the French Tom Vialle, continues to extend GP after GP its advantage at the head of the provisional. On this occasion, thanks to his third and first place here, he already has 46 points (almost two races) over his most immediate pursuer in the table, the Slovenian. Jago Geerts.

Fourteenth podium and ninth victory of the season for TV28 that leave him even more alone at the head of the classification.

However, as it happened now three days ago, the best overall in this intermediate class has once again been the Slovenian Thomas Kjer Olsen. The winner of the past MXGP Lombardia has been imposed in the first round, ahead of Maxime renaux and Vialle, while in the second he qualified behind the leader and just ahead of Roan van de Moosdijk.

Our representative at stake here, Ruben Fernandez, has reached ninth place in the first round. In the second, eleventh. The pilot of Yamaha remains within the ‘Top10’ with a total of 186 points.

The following quote from World MXGP and MX2 2020 will arrive next Sunday with the dispute of MXGP Europe in the Mantovense facility.

Unknown 21

Classifications MXGP Citta di Mantova 2020

First MXGP Race

1. Jorge PRADO (KTM), 35: 13.182 seconds

2. Jeremy SEEWER (Yamaha), 1,152 seconds

3. Romain FEBVRE (Kawasaki), at 4.142 seconds

4. Antonio Cairoli (KTM), 11,098 seconds

5. Tim GAJSER (Honda), 13.368 seconds

21. José BUTRÓN (KTM), 1 lap

Second MXGP Race

1. Romain FEBVRE (Kawasaki), 34: 59.172 seconds

2. Gautier PAULIN (Yamaha), 1,667 seconds

3. Tim GAJSER (Honda), at 3,880 seconds

4. Antonio Cairoli (KTM), 6,557 seconds

5. Glenn COLDENHOFF (GasGas), at 7.281 seconds

6. Jorge PRADO (KTM), at 7.577 seconds

19. José BUTRÓN (KTM), at 1: 45.121 seconds


First Race MX2

1. Thomas Kjer OLSEN (Husqvarna), 35: 56.454 seconds

2. Maxime RENAUX (Yamaha), at 1,490 seconds

3. Tom VIALLE (KTM), 3,279 seconds

4. Ben WATSON (Yamaha), at 4,536 seconds

5. Roan VAN DE MOOSDIJK (Kawasaki), 11.427 seconds

9. Rubén FERNÁNDEZ (Yamaha), at 32,272 seconds

Second Race MX2

1. Tom VIALLE (KTM), 35: 28.261 seconds

2. Thomas Kjer OLSEN (Husqvarna), 3,400 seconds

3. Roan VAN DE MOOSDIJK (Kawasaki), at 10,067 seconds

4. Conrad MEWSE (KTM), 15.077 seconds

5. Jago GEERTS (Yamaha), at 22.379 seconds

11. Rubén FERNÁNDEZ (Yamaha), 57.124 seconds


That’s how it goes…

MXGP World Cup 2020

1. Tim GAJSER (Honda), 352 points

2. Antonio CAIROLI (KTM), 347 points

3. Jeremy SEEWER (Yamaha), 334 points

4. Jorge PRADO (KTM), 317 points

5. Glenn COLDENHOFF (GasGas), 303 points

38. Jose BUTRON (KTM), 3 points

Tom Vialle KTM 250 SX F 2020 Lombardia

World MX2 2020

1. Tom VIALLE (KTM), 431 points

2. Jago GEERTS (Yamaha), 385 points

3. Maxime RENAUX (Yamaha), 329 points

4. Jed BEATON (Husqvarna), 316 points

5. Roan VAN DE MOOSDIJK (Kawasaki), 279 points

10. Rubén FERNÁNDEZ (Yamaha), 186 points

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