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25 mayo, 2021
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The sun rose and that is good news, because it is a very good time to go out for a motorcycle ride. Although all seasons are good to ride, when the sun rises it seems more, but many times due to the heat some pilots choose to remove part of the equipment, which is not necessary. because there is special security equipment for this time, plus it is totally wrong and reckless.


The helmet is the most important element, as we already know, there is definitely no way out even to the corner without it. It may be that to avoid being uncomfortable due to the heat, you think that removing your helmet is an option or even using a smaller jet type. better than that is investing in a full helmet that has some ventilation system. The modular helmets They can be another option if the chin guard is on, the modular helmet allows this part to be moved.


Maybe gloves do not even fancy them but it is important to protect your hands well. Gloves are a very useful accessory. important for safety. The hands are usually the parts of the body most affected in the event of an incident, in addition to preventing you from getting blisters. There are many gloves of various materials and with ventilation very appropriate for this era.


And you will think that it is crazy wear jacket in hot season. It is usually the element that we avoid the most in summer, like the boots. There are many models of very comfortable jackets for the summer. You can also choose one that protects from the wind. The same with the boots, there are many short and of appropriate material.



As an extra, it is important to remember that heat also affects your motorcycle, it is important to pay close attention to the temperature so that it does not overheat. Remember do a full review, including wheels, lights and brakes, better to be sure that they are in perfect condition before leaving.

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