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25 mayo, 2021
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Dainese D-Air Armor

Dainese is an Italian company that manufactures protective clothing for motorcyclists, stands out for the constant technological advance that it applies in a very comfortable way in each of its pieces.

During the races of the World Superbike in Motorland Aragón, Dainese debuted its new technology, to which he named Dainese D-Air Armor, it was the czech pilot Ondra Jezek who wore tremendous armor, with which completed the Grand Prix of Aragon.

D-air Armor is the new air-bag “open platform” from Dainese technology-based D-air. The result of more than 15 years of research by D-Tec (Dainese Technology Center) on air technology, D-air Armor is a protection that is placed under the suit in which the D-air air-bag device has been integrated.

D-air Armor It has an electronic protection system, gas generator, wiring, battery and GPS that are housed in the back protector of this device.

D-air Armor is available to all World Motor Championship riders: for the first time, all riders can enjoy the safety guaranteed by D-air, the same technology found in the suits of official Dainese riders.

Samuele Zanella, Head of Sales and Marketing at Dainese D-Air, comments: “Our main objective is to protect the pilots. As other partners have done in the past, PSI has chosen to collaborate on this project, and they believe in the effectiveness of our D-Air protection system. We are proud to present Dainese D-Air Armor in the World Superbike series and we hope that other companies and brands will join us in this important defense in advancing safety – the primary mission of the Dainese group. ”


Source and photos: dainese

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