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24 mayo, 2021
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Riding is undoubtedly one of the activities that all of us enjoy the most, however riding a motorcycle like any other activity carries some responsibility. Protecting our body and informing ourselves about the safety measures that must be taken in order to prevent risks is part of being a responsible biker, therefore it is our obligation to know what type of equipment we need before riding.

We all know that a helmet is essential, but it is not the only protective equipment we need. Boots are also an important part, we must protect our body from head to toe, since if we suffer a fall we have nothing more than the equipment we are wearing to protect ourselves.

Boots in addition to providing protection to feet and ankles keep us dry in the event of rain. The type of boots to choose depends on the type of activity to be carried out, which is why there are so many on the market.

We leave here some of them and their characteristics, hoping it helps you make a good choice.

The Classics or Cruiser

The most classic and common for cruiser motorcycles. Made of leather, they are usually tall and with great designs.



If your thing is to run circuits, sport boots are the right ones, they are totally created for drivers who practice this sport, made with highly resistant and light material, with a special focus on ankles and feet.



Uncomfortable, but very safe, ideal for enduro bikes, Motocross motorcycles or supermotard motorcycles. They are very stiff and heavy, not at all comfortable to walk on.


By Trial

Similar in design to off-road boots but they are lighter, made with leather, therefore with greater mobility, softer and more comfortable. Made for practice with Trial bikes.



Good protection and maximum comfort. For long trips, practical and also suitable for walking, also waterproof to keep your feet dry at all times.



It may be that your style is between on-road and off-road, well these boots are a hybrid between touring and off-road boots, ideal for you.



They are low, soft and very comfortable boots, with reinforcement in the area of ​​the gear lever. There are many that you can use as normal footwear, with the advantage of having greater protection.


Remember that whatever type of motorcycle you prefer, you must always wear the appropriate protective equipment. Later we will talk about other elements of protective equipment in the meantime put your boots on before going out to ride.

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