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Rayvolt Cruzer, the electric bike shaped like a motorcycle

30 mayo, 2021
volt 2

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We do not usually talk about bicycles at, but given this peculiarity that we have encountered, we have had no choice but to make an exception.

This creation is called Rayvolt Cruzer and it is a electric bicycle (also known as e-bike) with a very biker design, inspired by the most classic cafe racer.

Late last year we saw a similar creation, although in that case it was considered a motorcycle since, unlike this one, it did not have pedals.

The Rayvolt Cruzer has the motor located in rear wheel hub and the battery in the rear of the frame, discreetly hidden under a brown color that matches the one used in the “fairing”. In fact there is two engine versions, one that reaches 25 km / h and another that reaches 43 km / h, and the same applies to the battery, being 550 Wh or 1100 Wh.

volt 1To all this we must add the Electronic Intelligent Vehicle Assistant (EIVA), which allows you to choose between six assistance modes from the handlebar and monitor the battery status, among other functions.

This e-bike can be yours for a price that goes from 2,599 euros to 3,499 euros, depending on the configuration you choose.

In order to more information you can visit the Rayvolt website by clicking here.

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