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Record your motorcycle rides with cameras cheaper than the GoPro

25 mayo, 2021
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In the new era of technology, all you have to do is press a button on a camera Gopro To document some incredible event on your motorcycle, or an exciting feat on your road trip, suddenly your post goes viral and you become famous (even if this is only temporary).

But then a question arises that we can’t help but ask ourselves Do you need to spend more than $ 400 on a camera that does this? Only you and your pocket will have that answer, however, if your idea of ​​recording your best moments on top of your motorcycle is not to spend this amount of money, we present you 5 alternatives to the famous GoPro, that will help you with the same quality and performance.

1: TCL SVC200 / Coleman

Characteristics: Records 170º angle video at resolution 1080pp at 30 frames per second, in addition to being able to record at 60 images per second if we lower the resolution to 720pp. In addition, it includes a 1.5 ″ LCD screen and all kinds of accessories.

Price: Over 100 euros in virtual stores.


2: Sport VUE 360HD

Characteristics: Action camera capable of recording video at 1080p and taking photos with a resolution of 4000 × 3000 or 3200 × 2400 ask them. With a depth of field that goes from 6 inches to infinity. With a autonomy of up to 5 hours uses Micro SD cards that allow video recordings in 30 minute sections.

And of course, different accessories that allow to be placed on a helmet, bicycle handlebar, etc.

Price: 250 dollars approximately.


3: SJ1000, the most economical option

Characteristics: I know positions as the action camera cheapest on the market in a range of 70 euros. Provides video to video 1080pp at 30 frames per second although the quality of it is inferior to that of its competitors. Besides their shooting options it will delight fans of time-lapses. Yet always shows the date and time of the video, in addition to the fact that when mounted on depending on which accessory the camera is turned upside down and with it the date.


4: Ion the Game

Characteristics: Sports camera with the option to record video at 60 or 30 fps. An angle of view between 127 and 170 degrees according to resolution. With LCD display 2.4-inch, built-in microphone and an f / 2.8 aperture. Very good option that also includes Wifi connectivity for use in conjunction with iOS and Android applications.
Ionthegame gopro

Price: 300 euros approximately.

5: Helix 1080p Sport Action Camera

Characteristics: The Helix 1080pp Spot Action Camera it will take the amateur photographer to a new level to experiment with. His very wide time-lapse mode lets you experiment with spectacular new montages. It also has a bracelet with which to control the camera without having access to it and there is even a version with Wi-fi connection.

gopro low cost

Which is your favorite?

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