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Repsol Moto Stop, gas stations for bikers, finally!

23 mayo, 2021

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With Repsol Moto Stop the conceived gas station is born for us bikers, with a good number of details that will make the trip more pleasant.

It was about time someone thought about bikers when designing a gas station.

And so it is since the energy company Repsol launches Repsol Moto Stop, a network of 25 gas stations with a corner adapted to our needs.

Thus, they incorporate refueling area with non-slip floor, an adapted washing box with medium pressure water lance, dryer, hanger for helmet and jacket -also in the toilets-, stand for easel, tire inflator with L valve and exclusive parking for motorcycles with video camera.

What’s more, in the store there is an assortment of useful materials for us, with elements of necessity such as puncture repairs or the most essential spare parts.

For now you will find them in the main cities and surroundings of the MotoGP circuits of our country such as Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Cádiz, among others.

You can find your nearest Moto Stop in this link.

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