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23 mayo, 2021
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There have been many topics on responsible driving and accident prevention that we have addressed in this blog, all with the sole purpose of providing knowledge and information that is useful to everyone in order to have a trip as safe and pleasant as possible. Even so, in the matter of security, it never hurts to abound in the point, because we will always find new tools that can save our lives.

As we know that a video explanation can be more attractive and can be clearer, we leave you this video that explains very well most of the topics that we have already talked about previously about the precautions that are advised to take when driving a motorcycle. It also presents a lot of really useful information for those starting out on their adventures as motorcycle riders.

These are some topics that the video touches and its links where each one of them is talked about in a more specific way:

Necessary safety equipment

Emergency braking

Tips for fighting obstacles

Motorcycle driving in the city

Driving a motorcycle with a passenger

How to take a curve on a motorcycle

Basic tips for new riders

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