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Ride With Norman Reedus the Reality Show on a motorcycle

25 mayo, 2021
ride norman walking dead

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Ride With Norman Reedus, the experience of motorcycle tours with celebrities and adrenaline.

While fans bite their nails to find out who Negan’s victim was in the latest episode of The walking dead, Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), presents his new reality show “Ride With Norman Reedus”.

The reality show will consist of few episodes (it will be something like a mini reality series) and will not interfere with the recordings of The Walking Dead.

Reedus recently published on his social networks the new promo for Ride With Norman Reedus, along with a caption that reads: This will be fun.

Throughout the six episodes that the reality, Reedus will venture into the US on a motorcycle tour in search of other motorcycle lovers with interesting projects, competitions and / or stories to share.(always with the theme of motorcycles, of course).

It will be from next June 12 when RIDE with Norman Reedus will be broadcast through the same television network in The walking dead, AMC (in the US)

In the video we can see Norman prepare and participate in the different challenges that are presented to him, accompanied by the phrase: “I can not think of a single thing we did that was not incredible.”

Apparently, the show will be full of adrenaline (Norman is used to living on the edge because of the zombies of course) and a lot of action. On the other hand, the chapters will feature special guests (At the moment, only Balthazar Getty’s participation in the Twin Peaks series is known).

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