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Rizoma launches a special kit for the Kawasaki Z750 R

25 mayo, 2021

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The result of long hours of conceptual design and development work, and thanks to the collaboration agreement between Rhizome Y Kawasaki, this spectacular accessory kit is born to equip the newest Z750 R, the definitive weapon of the green brand in the large naked segment.

The Rizoma “official kit” for the Kawasaki Z750R comprises the following elements:
Crankcase cover protector: Made of carbon, it prevents the original cover from breaking and spilling the oil in the event of a fall. This system follows the line of those used in high competition, offering lightness and safety due to its great resistance to abrasion in the event of a fall.
Front rim protector: manufacturing aluminum includes the wheel hub. It is fixed by means of allen screws.
Keel: Rizoma includes in its catalog in an unprecedented way a specific keel for this model made of ABS.
Graphic kit: Emphasizing its racing character, Rizoma offers a complete graphic kit composed of different adhesives to place on the front, tail and side covers, as well as a tank protector to avoid scratches.
Pinion cover: Made of black aluminum and carbon.
Injection nozzle: Pair of covers made of carbon fiber that protect and embellish the center line of the motorcycle.
Anti-fall protectors: On both sides, made of black aluminum, their main mission is to protect the sides of the motorcycle.
Footpegs for the driver: Specific for the Z750R, they have been made of aluminum alloy and are ideal for use in sports riding due to their lightness and great resistance to breakage. Approved by the TUV, they have height, horizontal and diagonal regulation. They allow their displacement from 10 to 20 mm. They also offer the possibility of reversed gearbox and are arranged to be able to also incorporate the passenger footpeg support. To hide the holes it has a trim in aluminum color.
Footpegs for the passenger: They seek to minimize the overall weight of the bike, as can be seen in its lightness. They are perforated and have a decorative cover to cover the gap where the original footpegs were located.
Chain guard: made of carbon and aluminum is specific for this model.
Horn kit: Hide the speaker with a black aluminum cap.
Engine oil cap: Prevents engine fluid from leaking through a screw cap and wire seal.
License plate support: The license plate holder system has been made of aluminum and has its own license plate support, lighting system, indicators and reflector brackets. Available in unique black color and adjustable in height.
Gas tank cap: with key opening system is available in black or red finish.
Oil tanks: Available in a wide variety of colors for the front and rear brake fluid.
In the Rizoma catalog there are many other accessories available for this model, such as the flashing front and rear, the handlebar Y turrets, the fists gas, handles brake and clutch, the proguard System and rear-view mirrors.

The price of the complete kit for the Z750R 2011 is already available at a price of 1,499 euros VAT included, however, there is the possibility of buying each item separately.

For more information, those interested can call the free telephone number 900.966.937 or enter the Rizoma website.

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