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ROAD PASSING – Passion Biker

25 mayo, 2021
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It’s the weekend and you decide to go out on the road, you go anywhere that takes you away from the routine of that heavy week in the city. We all count the hours until that precious moment arrives.

It is becoming more and more common to go on the road and meet biker brothers, who just like you decide to break the monotony of the city and go for a ride on the road. The thing is, it is not only motorcycles that circulate on the roads, it is increasingly recurrent that you find yourself on a weekend with a road as congested and full of vehicles as any Monday in the city. That can become frustrating and make us want to get out of the annoying situation and commit something reckless, such as passing on the road without taking the proper measures.

For many motorcyclists the precautions and the method of passing on the highway may be obvious, but it is also common that you find much less experienced and less tolerant motorcyclists on the road making mistakes that unfortunately endanger their own safety and that of others.


That is why we want to remind you of some points to consider when passing on the highway.

  • First and foremost is “patience.” Gentlemen in this world, tolerance must be practiced a lot, the roads are a free and open space to which we all have the right.
  • Be sure to pass only when you are certain that no other vehicle is coming in front and that there is also enough space to carry out the maneuver and get back into your lane as soon as possible. The straights are the ideal time to perform this movement, especially if it is more than one vehicle that you intend to overtake.
  • Downshifting to have more power and consequently greater acceleration is a resource that you can use to make overtaking faster.
  • It is extremely important to let others know that you are going to make any move, particularly passing. Indicate that you are going to change lanes, using the flashing light, accelerate, pass the vehicle and return to your lane indicating it again with the other flashing light. Ensure a good distance between your motorcycle and the vehicle just passed.
  • A very recurring mistake and one of the most dangerous is to do it with little visibility. That is why it passes by respecting the road signs. Never pass with a solid line, it is likely that you have poor visibility or that the road conditions are not adequate for safe overtaking.
  • Never pass if a crossing is near, the movements of other vehicles is something that you cannot control and even less predict with certainty.
  • Passing in curves is a delicate point, because although sometimes it is allowed, it is better that you do it only if the signs indicate it and even so it is when you have good visibility. Finding someone head-on is not a good surprise on the road. It is essential not to pass if we cannot see what is in front.

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