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25 mayo, 2021
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We have talked a lot about practicing and promoting a responsible road culture. We know that to make the dream of living and traveling on the streets a smooth and safe reality, you have to respect the rules, but to respect them you have to know them. Knowledge is the main tool against many of the problems, but we are not going to saturate them by pasting the complete road regulations here (because we know that a good biker already knows it), but if we want to remember some of the important points that apply today and well To give them a little motivation, we also put the consequences they will face if they decide not to respect the rules. But hey, we actually know that the main consequence is not the pesos we have to pay, but our own physical integrity and that of others.


These are some rules of the current Road Regulations that apply to motorcyclists and the consequences for not respecting them.

  • A motorcyclist must use a full lane or pass on the left side, otherwise they will get a fine of 699 pesos.
  • For circulate on the bike lane will get a penalty of 2,097 pesos.
  • At all times they must circulate with the rear and front lights on, otherwise they will have a penalty of 699 pesos.
  • They may not exceed the number of people for which there is a place available, if they do not have a fine of 1,398 pesos.
  • The driver and his passenger must wear the safety helmet, or they will reach a penalty of 1,398 pesos and the unit will be sent to the corralón.
  • This forbidden that motorcyclists wear like passenger to a minor under 12 years of age. If you do not respect this rule, you must pay from 669.10 to 1,338 pesos.

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