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ROLLING AT NIGHT – Passion Biker

25 mayo, 2021
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Riding at night is one of the most intense pleasures as bikers, but it requires greater caution, since at night visibility is considerably reduced, and that makes it more difficult for a rider to see the obstacles that are on the road, for the less makes it more difficult to see them at a considerable distance, where it is still possible to react. That is why when we travel at night it is much better to slow down and keep it at a rate that allows us to react in time if we suddenly find ourselves with a pothole, an animal or even another person and thus avoid a catastrophe.

But not only does it get more complicated for the motorcycle rider, for the pilots of the other vehicles that circulate on the same road it is also difficult to see a motorcyclist, so it is recommended that if you are going to travel at night you wear clothes that do not be black, help yourself and others to be more visible by using more striking colors, both in your outfit and in the luggage you bring with you, choose any visible equipment and reflective elements that give you good lighting, which I know will help to make you notice.


That the lights of your motorcycle functions is also something basic, and you can even carry some other type of additional light with you than for anything, a lamp for example or additional lighting equipment.

It is also possible that you meet a driver with poor road ethics who does not dim his lights when he meets you head-on, when that happens the best thing is not to look directly at the light, an alternative is to look at the white line of the road, on the side outside, signal your headlights to warn you have to change your lights and reduce your speed.

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