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Rossi will continue to make history in MotoGP

22 mayo, 2021

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The Italian rider will continue in the Motorcycle World Championship at 41 years of age for at least one more season, although he becomes part of the second Yamaha team.
Valentino Rossi has long earned the chance to choose his fate in Yamaha and MotoGP and that is what he is doing in what will presumably be his last seasons racing.
Il Dottore has signed a new contract with which to continue enrolled in the premier class of the Motorcycle World Championship for at least one more season, in which Rossi intends to continue taking advantage of the physical and mental benefits of riding a motorcycle.
His experience makes him one of the most outstanding riders on the grid, although at his age few joys more in the form of victories will be able to take a man who is not afraid of injuries because he knows how to face accidents on a motorcycle due to to his extensive experience.

At Petronas, but with privileges

Valentino will continue to race for Yamaha, although in this case he will go to his subsidiary team, to Yamaha Petronas, in which, yes, he will have certain advantages compared to his partner. He will keep his official bike and not the satellite with which he races in this squad, a privilege that will allow him to shine with more light than if it were the opposite.
It should not be forgotten that Rossi is one of the current motorcycling legends and one of the most outstanding of all time thanks to those nine world titles that he accumulates in his record. With a character that has made him say several of the most prominent phrases of motorcyclists, it seems impossible that the competition and he separate their paths.
For this reason, a brand with 60 years of history in Mexico such as Yamaha (many more years in other parts of the world) has chosen to offer you a 1 + 1 contract, that is, a fixed season and an optional one depending on what the team and the pilot want.

Will still be far from the best

This will give you the opportunity to continue to enjoy riding a motorcycle, and to appear in the live broadcasts of MotoGP on ESPN channels, even though, as it already happens this year, you are not fighting for the victories of the races. .
Precisely in a 2020 course in which Marc Márquez has vacated the champion position, other riders have emerged who are fighting to be the winners for the first time. Here we are talking about people like Fabio Quartararo or Joan Mir, without any doubt the two favorites to be the MotoGP winners at Betway, a platform that offers, as of October 9, 2020, odds on bets for their victories of 2.00 for French and 2.50 for Spanish. Both are starring in a beautiful battle in each test and their chances will possibly last until the last appointment on the calendar.

In his last hours


Meanwhile, Valentino Rossi is this season picking up the crumbs that allow both these two men and the rest of those who fight for victories and podiums in each Grand Prix: Maverick Viñales, Andrea Dovizioso or Franco Morbidelli.
This and the 10 years that Il Dottore has not achieved a world champion title make us indicate that he is in the final stretch of his career, although for now he prefers to continue riding the motorcycle to enjoy it, as he always has. But no one should forget that this motorcycle legend was unstoppable one day, having a record that places him among the greatest with a 125cc World Championship, another 250cc World Championship and seven in the premier class.
His big problem is that later the figure of the next motorcycle myth emerged, Marc Márquez, who since he won his first crown in 2010 has only missed two titles so far, one in MotoGP, which places him at a small happened to be equaled with Rossi.
But, as a great recognition of his career, Yamaha has allowed Valentino to remain as long as he deems in the highest competition, which will allow fans to continue enjoying his magic for at least one more season.

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