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Royal Enfield Tribute Black Limited Edition

25 mayo, 2021
royal enfield tribute black 1

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About these special editions of Royal Enfield, Vinod Dasari, CEO of the firm, said: “Since 2008, Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycles have proudly represented the middleweight motorcycling segment. The Classic 500 in particular has been very successful for Royal Enfield in several international markets for its sublime “retro-chic” design and compelling driving experience. As our Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycle stage concludes, the Classic 500 Tribute Black becomes an opportunity for our enthusiasts to own and become a part of Royal Enfield and motorcycling history. “

Royal Enfield Tribute Black

Although Royal Enfield will discontinue production of its current 500cc engine for the Indian domestic market, the Classic and Bullet 500 will continue to be available in European markets during 2020, subject to availability and while stocks last. Likewise, service and replacement parts are guaranteed to current owners throughout the Royal Enfield Authorized Dealer network.

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