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Sea Doo Range 2017: Aquatic Adrenaline

25 mayo, 2021
sea doo 04

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Summer is to enjoy water and motorcycles Why not combine both funs? I traveled to Nice to test the range Sea-Doo 2017. An Austrian brand that, together with the Japanese, shares the market for jet skis. Neoprene instead of a sanity suit and here we go, the fun is on.

The Sea-Doo range 2017 It is created in such a way that even if you are a beginner or a pro of the jetsky, you have a perfect model for you. Also if what you like is sailing in company or practicing water sports such as wake boarding or simply sliding on a platform behind the motorcycle hitting boats without stopping laughing, for each style there is a specific Sea-Doo model.

This Sea Doo 2017 range arrives loaded with newsAlthough the most important thing is the incorporation of lighter engines, which spend less and offer more features, and the incorporation of a new helmet in some models, with a material that is stronger and lighter than fiber.

Sea-Doo splits its models in two the way they split on land scooters and motorcycles here called, aquascooters and jet skis.

Sea Doo 2017

For starters

To begin with and after putting on the neoprene (the water is still a bit cold) I decide to start soft, we have a journey to the other side of the beach and the sea is rough. I opt for a large and comfortable motorcycle, one with which I do not need to have experience and that gives me security. It’s about the Sea-Doo GTI. This model is the one you will find in all rental stores and schools. Premieres three cylinder engine (Rotax 900 HO Advanced Combustion Efficency) and this year it comes improved with an engine somewhat less powerful than the same 2016 model (from 130 to 90CV), but that consumes less fuel, which gives us many more minutes of fun without refueling. In addition, the whole of the motorcycle is 68 kilos lighter thanks to the brand new engine, something lighter and above all for the new Polytec helmet, a material that is lighter and more resistant than fiber with a design that allows greater stability and therefore control at the handlebar.

With this motorcycle and its comfortable and soft seat the journey is pleasant, the stability of your helmet and the desired “sport” mode of power delivery makes it very fun, easy to handle and perfect for sharing fun with the passenger. Despite being a calmer boat, it allows us to skid and even catch a jump when crossing the wake of another motorcycle, I am “warming up” as I look at the infinite blue horizon.

Sea Doo 2017

For the most PRO

It’s time to change bikes and I look at all my colleagues, now I’m ready to give it a go, I’ve already warmed up, so I decide on one of the most powerful, a competition bike, the GTR-X 230. I connect to the key from the vest so that in case of fall it jumps and turns off the engine and I look at the instrument panel. I put on the mirrors and adjust the VTS trim system. The higher, the more jumps. I accelerate smoothly and I can already feel the difference in power compared to the GTI. The seat of this sports car is narrower between the legs which allows me to handle it easily standing up and when sitting down I can better support myself by pressing with my legs. Little by little I see the speed increase on the odometer, now I am flying at more than 60km / h. Although the sea is half choppy, adrenaline takes over me and asks me for more gas … I hold on with all my strength and squeeze my legs even more, 70-80-90 … I can’t take it anymore! This bike is a true treadmill… on water! Jumps, skids, circles without measure. The GTR is powered by a supercharged Rotax 1500 HO ACE engine with an external intercooler capable of cooling 75% more than the 2016 model year.

The exterior is sporty, the same as the top model, the RXP-X to which I happily climb after having heated my head with so much speed on the water, the truth is that It is impressive to know that this bike can reach 100KM / hAfter a few passes in front of the photographer and dozens of jumps, it is time to change the mount and let my arms rest a bit, the effort I have made to stay on the powerful RXP-X has left me almost without strength!

Be doo

The scooters of the sea: the aguascooter

I imagine arriving with some friends at a port where to rent jet skis, the truth is that the first thing that would catch my attention are some small yellow motorcycles with a large platform and very funny looking. Are the Spark and Spark Trixx.

The first is perfect so that with the simple movement of the sea, we can do jumps and fly over the water, as I told you these aquascooters are tremendously easy to handle and very light, on it I feel like in a slalom competition. Turns here and there, jumps between waves, pranks to all sides and a fun behavior with a lot of safety without having to go into the high seas or having to look for the wakes of other boats to achieve the desired jumps. The base where our feet are placed is special, it makes us not slip easily and the sensations of security even if we run or jump are magnificent thanks to the grip on the floor that its specific design allows us. The variable trim system (VTS), which is operated on all motorcycles from easily accessible buttons on the same handlebar grip, raises the front of the motorcycle from -4.5º ​​to 7º.

But the most fun still awaits me: The Spark Trixx. This aquascooter is designed for you to have a great time with minimal effort and the first time. It seemed almost impossible to me to make a wheelie or to circle “on a wheel” until I got on this Trixx. The maneuverability, stability and ease with which it raises its front end at the softest touch of gas seems incredible. Now, about the Spark Trixx I think I am a “pro”.

Sea Doo 2017

Spark differences

But, How are these two different? The Spark Trixx is the same as the Spark only with small details that make it much more appetizing and playful:

  • Height-adjustable handlebar by means of a quick and easy-to-use closure. Its height varies by 150 mm, perfect for standing up and better controlling the pirouettes.
  • Staggered footrests: they allow us to throw the weight of the body back, resting the heels on the stern (rear) end, ideal for those maneuvers of wheelies and jumps.
  • Extreme trim system (VTS), being able to raise or lower the bow (front) from -6º to + 17º, which allows us to do wheelies very easily or when lowering the VTS, maneuvers such as skidding and jumps while submerging ourselves in the water.

If you like the look of the Trixx, for 1,000 euros more, you can equip your Spark with a kit and convert it.

A day that prepares us for these holidays on the coast, I recommend 100% that you rent one of these Sea Doo for a few hours and see for yourself that jet skis are the “motorcycles” for the summer.

Sea Doo 2017


2017 Sea-Doo range prices

Spark: 7,099 euros
Spark Trixx: 9,999 euros

GTI 900: 11,499 euros
GTI 900 SE (with better equipment): 12,399 euros
GTI SE 130: 13,599 euros
GTI SE 155: 14,699 euros

High perfomance
GTR: 16,999 euros
GTR-X: 18,099 euros
RXP-X 300: 20,599 euros
RXT-X 300: 21,499 euros

GTX Limited S 260: 22,099 euros
GTX Limited 300: 22,099 euros

Wake Pro: 17,499 euros

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