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Seat motorcycle or loosen engine

22 mayo, 2021
aflojar la maquina

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Seat motorcycle or loosen up the engine: essential for the performance of your motorcycle.

In order to achieve 100% performance of your motorcycle, it is necessary to seat the engine or loosen it as they say colloquially. This will allow your motorcycle to operate without being forced and to reach its full capacity. To make this happen there are general rules for all motorcycles and other specific ones that depend on the capacity and manufacturers of your motorcycle. That is why it is important to take a few minutes to read your manual. Next we will present you the general rules.

General rules:

1.- Let the engine oil circulate before driving. Warm up the engine for a minute before riding, this will allow you to lubricate your motorcycle before warming up and running it.

2.- Avoid driving at a constant speed, you need to use all speed changes. This helps each part of your motorcycle to work without being forced, which is commonly called taking off the machine.

3.- Do not over accelerate the engineIt is very tempting to want to see and hear your engine at its best, but this will force the machine and can cause spontaneous discharge work instead of continuous, in the long run this causes your motorcycle not to react as you want.

4.- Until reaching the period indicated by the manufacturer, do not accelerate more than 110 km / hr. This indication is for motorcycles under 200cc. But it also helps bigger bikes.

5.- Do not use the engine brake constantly, It is important that the motor pastes carry the full load during the break-in period, this will make it more reliable in the life of your motorcycle.

6.- Drive on slopes and slopes, Avoid going at a constant speed, to be able to make use of each system of your engine, brake system, gears and everything that your motorcycle needs to adjust.

The following recommendations are specific rules, they depend on your manufacturer, so take the manual and review these indications. Remember that taking a few minutes will give away a lot of the life time of your motorcycle. To give you an example we will give you the specific rules of a Yamaha Fz.

Specific rules:

1.- The first 300 km do not accelerate more than 7000 revolutions.

2.- The next 1000 km do not accelerate more than 9000 revolutions.

3.- When you meet your recommended minimum engine breakdown, try not to force your bike to its maximum expression until it reaches an additional 1000 km.

If you follow these instructions, you will have a motorcycle at its best and you will be prolonging its life. Now we want to congratulate you on that incredible acquisition and enjoy that experience to the fullest. If you want advice from protective equipment and security we leave you here another link.

Good trip!

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