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Security Levels – Passion Biker

24 mayo, 2021
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In our blog we have already told you about how important the helmet is, about the essential characteristics and certifications and much more. But we have missed taking into account an important detail: helmet manufacturers have sought to give them special characteristics depending on the use and need. Some are very light, others – like the folding ones – are considered for tourism with continuous stops and still others, for example, do not have mica included to increase the field of vision and details.

Knowing this, we then present the types of helmet, their use and their level of safety, so that you know which helmet you have and how to use it.

TYPES OF HELMET AND Safety Levels of a helmet


This helmet is the one with the highest level of protection. It is a one-piece helmet that offers greater safety in the event of an impact, since it remains together. It is for all types of displacement, urban and highway driving. It has good noise isolation and is the best option in protection level.


This helmet has the second place in protection, the difference with the previous one is that it has a better visual field. It is generally used for Motorcycling Trial Y Adventure.


This helmet is not useful for any type of motorcycle since it is designed for use on land, it needs glasses, it is lighter and this reduces safety a bit. It is designed this way for the needs of Motocross and Enduro. It is a good option for these sports.


This helmet is an excellent option knowing how to use it correctly. It is recommended to keep your face closed while riding, it is not a helmet that is designed to ride with the mask open. It was considered for tourism with continuous stops and thus be able to open it in high totals. It has the same characteristics as the Integral helmet, but if it is left uncovered, the protection becomes medium since it leaves the chin unprotected.

Therefore, these are the 4 types of helmets that we recommend to ride safely!

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