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Seduce your partner to ride a motorcycle

24 mayo, 2021
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First of all it must be considered that heThe casuistry around seducing your partner to ride a motorcycle is infinite. Each relationship is different, it is evident, but it is that, further still, each person is different. The same starting point is essential: it is not the same to try to seduce someone who does not know the world of motorcycles than someone who is directly afraid of them, or worse still, who abhors them.

It is not our purpose to turn water into wine (see miracle), but to approach the subject from the assumption of ignorance of the wonder of riding a motorcycle in your free time. The headline is also a bit ambiguous, because you can seduce the couple to ride with us or to ride their own motorcycle. Let us consider this second case, so attractive and desirable, as an evolution of the first; It will mean, if it occurs, that the seduction has been successful.

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Let’s get down to business. The first point is as essential as it is basic: the first experience must be remembered and remembered as pleasant and fun. Here you have to be extremely careful. As an analogy, imagine that you are out sailing for the first time on a nice day. Good wind and few waves, but it turns out that you are sensitive to seasickness. During the entire navigation you will only think about returning to port and you will not want to go back up on anything that floats. You have to be equally careful if your partner has never ridden a motorcycle and choose the occasion and the environment well. If your first experience is pleasant, you will want to repeat.

As we have said before, there are people for everything and everything can be liked, but what is desirable is not to be cold on that first walk and much more important, not to be afraid. The acceleration capacity of a motorcycle is generally much higher than that of any other land vehicle and you may be tempted to show your partner “how well you ride” your mount. Be careful, because that may be where you will catch a habit for the rest of your life. In that circumstance, it is you who has the losers in the long run. Let’s go from less to more.

The time and place are more important than the bike itself. It is not the same to walk your partner through the wide streets of the closest industrial estate in your RR than to invite her to a romantic weekend in a city unknown to both of you (choose the one you want) and explore its neighborhoods on the back of a scooter. 125 that you have rented together. Will be Such a beautiful, romantic and pleasant experience linked to the motorcycle as renting a Grand Tourer and leaving Paradores in Spain, but equally or more effective and much cheaper.

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