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Shoei Hornet ADV helmet test

25 mayo, 2021
shoei hornet adv

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Refering to ventilation has three double inlets. One lower on the chin guard, one on the front and the last one on the top. And it is that in this type of helmets where driving can become a sport, a high performance of the ventilation system is necessary. Thanks to improving the upper air intake of the visor and placing an additional air intake in the forehead area the Shoei Hornet ADV offers very advanced and top ventilation performance in its

It is available in four different shell sizes and in sizes ranging from XS to XXL. His price VAT included is € 525 in the colors black and white € 540 in metallized and matt and € 625 with graphs.

shoei hornet adv 2

Shoei Hornet ADV opinion

As soon as the model arrived at the reaction, we had by chance two tests of the two most anticipated Trail models on the current market. The Suzuki V-Strom 1050 and the Triumph tiger.

The first hours of a new helmet are not always the most pleasant, the time is past when the helmet is made to you and you to the helmet. But we must say that the model, from the first moment, fits perfectly without even having to go through those adaptation days.

With a inside very pleasant to the touch and an adaptation to the shape of our head from the first moment we have been able to put its qualities to the test when facing the dreaded sweat. And it is that we never feel the humidity in our head – and if we sweat the shirt – this means that its ventilation system together with the interior material were doing their job well.

As to sonority, we are facing a silent helmet since the air flow inside is very low, providing a high ride comfort. Without turbulence or vibrations we are facing a comfortable helmet even at high speeds.

In the test we have the dark smoked screen that for clear days is a perfect companion.

shoei hornet adv 5

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