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Shoei NXR helmet test | Moto1Pro

23 mayo, 2021
shoei nxr 1

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The ventilation system has three air inlets on the front and 4 outlets on the back. The shutters for closing and opening the ventilation have been designed to facilitate their use even with thick gloves. The ventilation system is capable of cooling the entire head evenly, achieving a rapid and effective renewal of air inside the helmet.

Regarding aerodynamics, SHOEI has greatly improved this point in the new NXR, thanks to numerous tests and tests in our wind tunnel, as this directly affects the load on the rider’s neck, especially when driving a motorcycle at high speed. . The shape of the Shoei NXR is more compact reducing the dimensions of the Shoei XR-1100. In addition, greater comfort has been achieved when wearing it thanks to its wider line in the lower part of the helmet and the Integrated spoiler that relieves pressure on the rider’s neck.

The noise has been greatly reduced compared to previous models thanks to a new screen gasket and new inner padding that wrap the ears better. For these interior padding, advanced fabrics have been used in the absorption of the humidity along with quick drying. These are totally removable, washable and replaceable manufactured with the technology 3D Max-Dry System. If you want a perfect fit, there are 4 side padding sizes Y 3 sizes of central padding which can be ordered at authorized Shoei outlets.

Shoei NXR opinion

From the moment we put on the helmet for the first time, the sensations are of total comfort. It fits very well from the first moment adapting to the shapes of the head perfectly.

The interior is also pleasant to the touch, and the pressure exerted on our head is very uniform, feeling the same pressure in all areas. The space with respect to the chin guard is sufficient, although at the same time a little fair for our liking, both in distance to our nose and in what covers our chin. A little more space in the front and a little more coverage of our chin would have been perfect.

Once up and running is very quiet and the air flow inside is practically nil, which provides us with high ride comfort. The clean shapes and its small size make turbulence and high-speed movements very low, which also gives us a high degree of comfort at high speeds.

Regarding the screen, the vision is perfect and we had no fogging problems without the Pinlock on. This time we tested the photochromic screen CWR-1 from Shoei, which we found to be a real discovery. The speed of adaptation to the different types and intensities of light was outstanding both in tunnels, where it quickly adapts to indoor and outdoor light, and as dusk arrived. Without a doubt, an extra in comfort that everyone will appreciate. The downside, the price of € 210 only for the screen.
The new Shoei NXR is manufactured in 4 shell sizes and 7 sizes, from XXS to XXL and 22 different decorations are available. Its price is € 435 in Black / White, € 465 for Metallics / Mattes and € 535 for the graphs.

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