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SHOT IN A GROUP – Passion Biker

23 mayo, 2021
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Riding a motorcycle has undoubtedly endless benefits and possibilities, one of them and the most valuable is that of be able to share the experience with a group of friends, something that you can hardly do and enjoy so deeply and so closely with another type of vehicle.

However, there is a big difference between a solo ride or a group ride. There are certain considerations that must be taken in order for the trip to be pleasant for everyone:


The first thing is to consider that in a group of bikers there may be various types of motorcycles, with different characteristics and capabilities, that handle different speeds and that perform very differently from each other, since they are made for different activities, and not only do motorcycles differ in their way of taking the roads, other riders can also react differently to you under any circumstance, that is why it is very prudent to do group planning prior to departure, where certain group measures are established, such as average speed, (remember that it is not a competition), rest stops, gasoline or food.


Another thing is to respect the rules, there are certain security rules that we already know and that in this type of experience it is vital to respect, how to point out well each that you intend to overtake another motorcycle and never do it from the right side. Committing this type of recklessness or faults can generate a big problem that would end up ruining the trip.

The communication In this activity, as in all types of social activity, it is basic, today there are many devices that can work perfectly to maintain communication with the rest of the group and if you cannot always use sign language, the important thing is that there is communication.

The way the bikes are positioned is also important. The most experienced rider is the one who should always be in front. Never ride too close to your partner, always consider a distance that gives you time to react to any movement, braking or unforeseen reaction of your companions. The position is recommended staggered between motorcycle and motorcycle.

We hope these tips will be useful to you and you can have a happy group ride.

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