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Small and curious the Honda Motra CT50

22 mayo, 2021

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motra majestic

Here we have again a Japanese motorcycle, an adorable rarity even in the Asian market most likely due to its not being a top seller at the time.

The Honda Motra is a mini-motorcycle produced only in the years 1982 and 1983 for the Japanese domestic market, now it is highly appreciated due to its peculiar, very minimalist and rugged look.

Honda offered this motorcycle as a heavy duty recreational motorcycle with a large load capacity, it has a small 4-stroke single cylinder engine with a 49cc displacement that is air cooled, in total the motorcycle weighs about 80 kg, supposedly it was also offered an 80cc engine, but apparently it was even less popular than the original version. . . Its box is 3 gears coupled with a second stage, which provides the same 3 gears but with a lower speed at higher power, you know, for those trips on difficult terrain.

The distinctive shapes of the Motra with its angular steel tubes and frame supporting large front and rear grills as well as the lack of decorative chrome give it a military / utility look, especially as it was sold in mustard yellow and even dry green colors. on the wheels.

Finding this model for sale is extremely difficult, but all is not lost since Honda revived the style of this motorcycle in 2004 with the PS250 or BIG RUCKUS model as it is known in the United States, which unfortunately only offers a similar look. , since it does not have the benefits of an Off-Road motorcycle.

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