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SON OF TIME – Passion Biker

25 mayo, 2021
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A motorcycle inspired by a watch? or A watch inspired by a motorcycle? .. No. A couple of machines that have time in common, only one catches it and the other releases it, but both pieces are perfect and compatible in their design.

As a tribute to the artisan work of watchmaking and personalized motorcycles, this project was born, which they were pleased to call it They are of Time.

TW Steel and Numbnut Motorcycles They are two brands of Dutch origin that were working together last year on a project that involves many wheels and many gears. They are both leading and knowledgeable specialists in their industry. On the one hand is Roderick seibert representing Numbnut Motorcycles in the world of motorcycles custom and on the other side Ton cobelens representing TW Steel from the world of watchmaking. These designers are among the most recognized in their fields.

The base of the bike was taken from a Yamaha XV950 the one that was completely disassembled and rebuilt again, Roderick Ton Cobelens worked together to design all the parts that both the motorcycle and the watch had in common. From the engine covers to the fuel tank, the tail and the seat, triple posts, headlight, part of the cycle that incorporates Brembo brakes, Dymag carbon rims, K-Tech suspensions, among others.

The assembly process of the two collector’s pieces required the use of surgical precision skills that Dutch designers have. Especially the state of the art tourbillon movement requires experience, precision and nerves of steel.


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