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24 mayo, 2021
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When we start in the world of motorcycles we are so excited and eager to start accumulating stories that many times we forget to be aware of some important points and this leads us to make some mistakes that make our start in wheels something that is far from the same. that we had in mind, that’s why you start your motorcycle story with successes considering these points:

Start with a motorcycle your size, It is true that large motorcycles are beautiful and powerful, but they also carry greater responsibility and their handling and control represents a greater degree of difficulty and challenge. You need experience to be a good pilot on a large motorcycle. It’s about you controlling the bike, not her controlling you.


Wear good protective gearIt is not worth it that you go out on a motorcycle without being well equipped, in addition to the fact that it is not legal, you put your physical integrity at risk. We have already talked about this topic in greater depth before. There are many options on the market for motorcycle safety equipment suitable for each type of activity to be carried out. Before riding go and get everything you need.


Time to time, You cannot start riding a motorcycle being an expert, even if you have burned books and videos on how to handle a motorcycle, it is experience that will give you the expertise and the best tools to be a good rider, so do not rush to make long trips if you are starting with this discipline.

Driving a car is not the same as driving a motorcycle, Starting with the dimensions, sometimes when we are a beginner we forget that due to the size it is possible that others do not see us and it is very important that all the vehicles that circulate around us know that we are there, so make sure you know and follow the rules of the road before riding a motorcycle.

The maintenance of your motorcycle It is something that you cannot miss either, if you take care of your motorcycle you take care of yourself, and I do not mean to make it beautiful by buying the best accessories, no, I mean to take care of the oil level, that the tires are in good condition, brakes, lights, lubrication, etc. Having a motorcycle in good condition prevents many accidents.


So to pay attention to the important details, take care of yourself and your bike so that we all have a happy ride.


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