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Suzuki GSX S750 A2 test: You set the limit

25 mayo, 2021

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The Suzuki GSX S750 is a motorcycle that enters through the eyes, with the brand’s typical blue color reminiscent of the one used in MotoGP, and some sharp and aggressive lines typical of a naked media. The single headlight has halogen bulbs for both high and low beam and position lights, which are located on the sides. Both the front and rear indicators are also halogen, the rear light being the only one that has LED lights.

The tank is wide and muscular in appearance, which together with the tapered side covers that “hug” the bike, give it an even more radical and big bike touch. The keel gives it that last sporty touch and makes it very conspicuous at first glance.

mki 0616

The GSX S750 has a single exhaust on the right side that gives it a smooth sound at low turns and more husky in the high zone of the tachometer.. The frame, inherited from the GSX S1000, is in black and white, small and simple, although with all the necessary information, such as odometer, range, fuel level, instantaneous and average consumption, time, level of traction control, speed and revolutions.


The A2 version of the GSX S750 shares all the equipment with the “Full Power” version, which means a chassis, suspensions and brakes worthy of a great naked. The only variation on the A2 version with respect to the standard is the control unit, offering a maximum power of 47 hp at 7,000 rpm and a smoother and more progressive delivery of the same, which makes it really easy to drive right out of the box.

The GSX S750 A2 is designed and oriented for users of this license, but it should not be ruled out by more experienced users since it is a motorcycle for all types of public. In addition, its torque of 62.9 Nm at 4000 rpm (only 12.5 Nm less than the unrestricted version and slightly less than 17 Nm than the full power version) allows you to circulate very comfortably without the need to speed up the gears.

mki 0714

As for the cycle part, it has a 138mm travel monoshock and a large 41mm inverted fork, both signed by Kayaba. In the brakes section, the Suzuki GSX S750 A2 mounts some caliperss four-piston Nissin radial biting 310mm discs up front; and a Nissin caliper on the 240mm rear disc. Both brakes are accompanied by the system ABS, always offering a plus of security.

It also has 17-inch aluminum wheels and mounts the Bridgestone S21 sports tires in sizes 120 and 190.


We started the test day with the constant threat of rain, which did not allow our teammates to carry out the dynamic test in conditions the day before. We had better luck and were able to enjoy the interior of Benidorm and its twisty roads. So, with all the equipment ready and the bike ready, we set off to thoroughly test the Suzuki GSX S750 A2.

When you get on the motorcycle, the first thing you notice is that you are not in front of the typical A2 motorcycle, small, low, narrow … On the contrary, you notice a large, wide, powerful motorcycle. The seat is at a height of 820mm and it is narrow, allowing you to reach the ground without problems with both feet, but immediately afterwards the legs meet a considerably wide tank, which gives it that look of a muscular and aggressive motorcycle.

mki 0915

The position of the footpegs is correct, the legs are not excessively bent and hardly suffer over long distances. The wide and practically flat handlebar ensures that the riding position is slightly “on the attack” and load more weight on the front axle. By contrast, this posture and the position of the mirrors will make you need to withdraw your elbows to see what you have behind.

We get going and the first thing that catches our attention is the “Easy Start”, a system so that the motorcycle starts just by pressing the button once. The sound of the engine idling is soft, but it’s like it’s trying to tell you that it has something in it and it wants to get it out.

The first thing I notice in the first few meters is the smoothness with which it advances and is that Suzuki has installed the “Low rpm Assist”, a system that helps you in the exit when clutching, being very difficult (not impossible) that the motorcycle stalls, a small help for the most novices.

mki 0999

The gear changes are very precise and come in like butter, playing with the change is this bike is a real delight. During the first section through the city and interurban roads I was able to confirm what I was already afraid of when I got on it and that is that it is a very easy motorcycle to carry, despite its size and its Weight 213kg.


A naked like the GSX S750 is crying out for the open road. Nothing less than a 200 km route awaited us to see first-hand what the accessible version for the A2 offers.

Agility and stability are remarkable right from the start. At the entrance of the curves the sensation is that it falls alone and very smooth, without scares or strange movements. The sense of security is real and allows you to roll at a joyous pace. It goes without saying that the 47 hp will not catapult you into another dimension, but it will make you enjoy between curves. Coming out of these, the acceleration is smooth and progressive. It can be rolled without problems playing with 2nd, 3rd and 4th thanks to the mid-range torque. It is starting at 5000 rpm, it brings out its huskiest sound and its character inherited from the GSX-R.


In these moments when you really screw the accelerator is in which perhaps the traction control, adjustable from the left pineapple in 4 levels (from 1 to 3, with 1 being the least intrusive for sporty driving and 3 for rainy days, and off). It’s funny to hear how it works, since you hardly notice it when you go over it.

Even if you come to a corner somewhat late, the powerful brakes prepared for a much more powerful motorcycle, will stop you unceremoniously. Without a doubt, it comes equipped with brakes that exceed the limitation of the engine.


You do not have to have 200 hp under the seat of your motorcycle to enjoy it and Suzuki has made it clear. And much less if you are 20 years old and you have just obtained your A2 card. A server started riding a road motorcycle when he was 20 years old. I assure you that it would have been a dream for me to start doing it in the Suzuki GSX S750 A2, a motorcycle with which to learn and evolve over the years.

diseno 1

The Suzuki GSX S750 A2 has an aggressive and youthful design that manages to catch the eyes of the young and not so young. The color, the tank, the suspensions, the brakes, the tires … All together it offers a very striking and effective motorcycle at the same time.

motor 13

4 cylinders in line and 749 CC to offer a power of 47 CV (limited for the A2) in an engine inherited from the GSX-R 750 of 2005 duly evolved and adapted for the Euro4 standard.


The 41mm inverted fork and a rear monoshock make up the suspensions of the GSX S750 and offer handling worthy of a larger bike, as well as a more robust aesthetic.

frenos 7

The powerful brakes are above the maximum power of the GSX S750 A2. The feel is very progressive and the bite powerful thanks to four-piston radial Nissin calipers that bite into two 310mm discs at the front and a single-piston caliper on a 240mm disc at the rear. The ABS system works efficiently and provides added safety.

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