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Suzuki V-Strom 1000 XT: Good alternative

24 mayo, 2021

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The V-Strom 1000 It started writing its history before the more popular 650 version, which has also undergone a major overhaul this year. The first version 1000 is of 2002, two years before the successful version of 650, about which we will talk in the next edition of our Solo Moto 30. Precisely in 2004 the 1000 version was presented with some improvements, but curiously in 2008 it disappeared from the map. The normative Euro 3 finished with her. The “small” version (V-Strom 650) continued on the market and in 2011 it was renewed in depth: power, engine, suspensions, brakes, bodywork, aesthetics. The 1000 it remained temporarily out of the market, but in 2013 it returned with strength and an aesthetic that recovered the concept of the mythical Suzuki big and its characteristic duck beak. This 2013 version included a traction control previously unheard of at Suzuki.

vstrom 6 0

But the large trail sector is very demanding and with good judgment at Suzuki they have decided to renew their V-Strom 1000, of which between 2002 and 2015 a total of 64,900 units. If we look at the sales figures of last year in Spain, among the trails of more than 900 cc, the V-Strom 1000 occupies the third step of the podium, with 256 units behind BMW, which was the leader by bringing together a 52% of sales adding its two GS versions and the more asphalt 1000 XR. The Africa Twin registered 798 units and Suzuki 256; Ahead were the Ducati Multistrada (217), KTM Super Adventure 1290 (204) and Triumph Explorer (183), among others. With a proven V-twin drive 90ºIn a solvent chassis made up of two aluminum beams, the V-Strom is not the most powerful big trail on the market. Nor the most advanced in terms of electronics. But with a soft and pleasant touch and a very healthy behavior between curves, is a very interesting alternative. This time, Suzuki it doubles its offer between the 1000 version, since, in addition to the base, we have this attractive XT that we had the opportunity to test on the twisty roads of the province of Tarragona.

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The most important difference between the base and this XT is that the latter mounts spoke wheels signed by DID, with which we can equip tubeless tires, unlike the base version, which uses rims Enkei with ten arms, plus hand protectors and a skid plate for the underbody. Aesthetically, the front, redesigned with the more pronounced duckbill and a more generous adjustable screen, is a sign of identity. This screen is adjustable in three positionsBoth in height, for which a tool is necessary, and in inclination, since it can be advanced or delayed manually. The dome is 49 mm highest. The novelties are not only aesthetic, it also receives a new inertial platform (IMU) than that of the previous version and the inclination can be varied between 7’5º Y 15th. The seat has also been improved with a more upholstery. rough and less slippery, as well as being slightly more close than above. The electronics It has taken a step forward and the inertial platform (IMU) is almost obligatory, since practically all the great trails incorporate it.

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Is IMU works in combination with ABS Bosch on a front brake system with a 310 mm double disc with calipers Tokiko and a combined braking system. The ABS is not disconnectable. Regarding electronics, the control of traction two-level (can be switched off) and the so-called Motion Track Brake System, with an inertial measurement unit (IMU). This system evaluates the information about the position of the motorcycle and the velocity of both wheels. ABS not only acts in a straight line, but also when it detects that the motorcycle is leaning, that is, in a curve and depending on the glide of the wheels. So ABS acts depending on the angle of inclination, which in practice allows, to a certain extent, to maintain the trajectory in an improvised braking in the middle of the line of a curve. From my point of view, this cornering is grateful, since the V-Strom 1000 not only invites long travels, but the balance of the set also invites a sporty driving in which, despite not having an explosive engine, it is very comfortable. The so-called Easy Star System and the Low RPM Assist, whereby by operating the clutch lever, the engine raises about 500 rpm, which allows a brighter output and facilitates the maneuvers at low speed, which can be useful in certain situations, especially in traffic urban.

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On this occasion, we had the opportunity to test the two V-Strom versions, that is, this 1000 and the 650, and it was inevitable to appreciate certain differences, and not only at the level of benefits. So, for example, 1000 is 20 mm highest seat, weighs 17 kg more, the fuel tank has 10 liters more capacity and higher center of gravity. In total with the 20 liters of fuel, this Suzuki weighs 233 kilograms in running order. The handlebar is 4mm longer. Another aspect that caught my attention is that it uses the same Bridgestone BW 501 tires of the previous version and not the A 40 tires of the 650 version that I liked so much. A technician from Bridgestone He clarified to me that, in the case of the 1000, the BW 501 behaves better than the new A 40 with the motorcycle loaded with luggage and with a passenger. The instrument cluster is the same as on the 650, but on the 1000, the power outlet 12 V change location. A minor detail. The first sensation that this new V-Strom 1000 is that the engine is a delight. Very thin and elastic at low speed, turning barely 2,000 rpm, in fifth gear it responds with energy and smoothness.

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It is true that the response at mid-range requires a certain sweetness when opening the throttle, but in any case it is an engine docile and extremely pleasant, with a very usable range of use between 3,500 rpm and 9,000 rpm. The seat is comfortable, but in general you do not get a great protection neither in the hands nor in the trunk. Let’s say it’s enough, but it doesn’t have the level of protection of other big trail riders, especially at speeds of cruise raised, and the position of the legs is slightly questioned by the size (large) of the fuel tank. Between curves it’s still a great bike. The cycle part is shown as one of the best on the market, as it is easy to enter the curves and has a very good compromise between the agility that it showed us in the twisty and cold curves linked by the roads of Tarragona and faster sections. The adjustable fork signed by Kayaba With 43mm diameter rods and linkage mounted shock (manually adjustable in preload) they are a good set. Braking is also at a good level, especially at the front, and the braking system cornering transmits safety, because let us remember that it regulates the braking power in real time depending on the inclination of the motorcycle and of the velocity.

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So in general it is new and improved V-Strom it retains the solvency of the 2013 version, but it has more and better arguments to continue being a maxitrail that must be taken into account. The price is reasonable and, although it does not have the benefits in terms of the motor offered by some of its competitors, it continues to be a very valid. On off-road It is not the best motorcycle of its kind, but with this version you can get into tracks without problems and in this way increase the possibilities of use and enjoyment of one of the maxitrail most successful of all time. Consumption is based on the type of driving, among the 6.2 and the 6.6 liters per hundred kilometers, which means having a range of more than 300 kilometers. In short, the V-Strom it is renewed to continue being a motorcycle to be taken into account by price, operation and benefits. A good alternative.

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